New report from the set of ‘Treme’ in New Orleans

One of our contributors, Travis, was an extra on Treme a couple weeks ago and got to meet Steve Zahn while they were filming a Mardi Gras scene. Here’s what Travis told us about the shoot:

I arrived to Extras Holding at the Greyhound Bus Terminal at 3 p.m. and everyone was separated into three groups, Units Brad, Steve, and Anthony. I was in Unit Brad. The scene was set at the Muses Parade in New Orleans on St. Charles Ave, one of the most historic streets in the city.

There were three parades tonight and they were in this order: Babylon,  Chaos, then Muses. The Krewe of Muses is an all female Diva parade and this was the one that Treme, including stars Steve Zahn and Lucia Micarelli, wanted to actually film the scene with.

Basically, the extras were supposed to be enjoying the parade and the crew people would be throwing beads and things at us so it was made to look like a float had just past by us while the scene with Steve and Lucia was filming.

Steve and Lucia did a few scenes with the floats and we had to pantomime (no audible dialogue) because the director only wanted to hear them speak.

Between takes, Steve and Lucia would mingle with fans of the show and the background actors, laugh, take pictures, etc. It was a great night. To go to a parade with two celebs and chill with them, catch beads and cups and just have a fun time while filming at the same time, what more could I or anyone else ever ask for?  Steve is truly a funny and down to earth person. I really loved working with him and Lucia!


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