First look at Ben Walker as Abraham Lincoln?

One of our Twitter followers, @jackimontroy sent us this twit pic of Dominic Cooper (on the left) filming a scene for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” today in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Though the photo is a bit grainy, it looks like Dominic may be with Benjamin Walker, who is playing Abraham Lincoln in the film. Our tipster wasn’t sure and because it isn’t a completely clear photo, we’re not positive either, but based on Ben/Abe’s stature and the height of the man in the photo, it appears this could be our first look at Abraham Lincoln!

Its still up for debate though. As one of our other Twitter followers, @Scamandalous, pointed out, he’s missing Abe’s famous facial hair (and stovetop hat), so maybe we’re just wishful thinking.

Let us know what do you think?

[Thanks again to @jackimontroy for sharing these pics!]


  1. I saw Ben Walker the other day at Lafitte’s, filming, and he was wearing this all white outfit, with a really nice, decorated vest. he had no beard

  2. In the book Abe doesn’t grow out his trademark beard or wear the famous top hat until later into the novel, so these may be scenes which occur earlier in the film.


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