Robert De Niro has a Coke on the set of ‘Another Night’ In Brooklyn

Robert De Niro was spotted drinking a can of coke between scenes while filming Another Night, aka Another Night in Suck City, aka the the Untitled Paul Weitz Project, based on the book Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn.

In the book, Nick documents his time working in a Boston homeless shelter where he finds his father, played  by De Niro in the film.

On March 31, De Niro was shooting a scene on Calyer and Clifford Place in Brooklyn, NY. Though the photos are from a distance, you can see De Niro in the overcoat and hat in the pictures below.

Thanks to Jeremy Ford for the pics!


  1. How is access on this set? Can you ask him for an autograph by the trailer or is there a lot of security not allowing you close to it?


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