Charlie Sheen had no time to stop for fans before his gig in Chicago

Charlie Sheen may have received a standing ovation from his fans in Chicago during his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option” gig Sunday night, but he didn’t return the favor as he left his hotel earlier in the day.

One of our readers, Aaron, sent us this picture of Sheen with the caption:

[Charlie Sheen] leaving his hotel Sunday in Chicago before his show! Didn’t stop, just got on bus!

Charlie may have been too distracted to stop for fans after admitting to E! that he had some work to do on his live performance. “There’s a couple things here I’ve got to f–king work out,” he said. “I don’t know if I start the show alone and it turns into this [a Q&A format] or I just stay with this ’cause it’s f–king working and we’ll f–king return to it if I don’t.”

Aaron’s encounter with Charlie was very different from his meeting with Charlie’s dad, Martin Sheen a few weeks ago. He also sent us the photo of Martin below, adding “Martin was in Chicago March 16th for an event at the Symphony Center! On his way out he stopped and signed for all that were there! Real nice and personable, the security wanted to get him in his car, he said, “no that’s OK I’ll sign for them, it will take a few minutes.”

Thanks so much to Aaron for the info and the pics! If you have a celeb photo or encounter you’d like to tell us about, you can email us at!



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