Updated: First NYC filming location for “Glee” revealed!

We’ve known for a while that Glee would be filming the Nationals in New York City (they normally shoot in Los Angeles). We also knew that filming would be taking place next week, and now it looks like we may have their first filming location too!

Signs have been spotted around 47th and 6th/Broadway as well as 51st and 8th/9th Ave for an “Untitled 20th Century Fox TV Project” for Monday, April 25. The signs match recent casting calls for stand-ins for 4/25 through 4/29 that were also posted for an “Untitled 20th Century Fox Project” and all of the descriptions for those stand-ins match the descriptions of the main cast of Glee!

Based on the signs it looks like they may be filming around Rockefeller Center or Times Square.

Originally we had heard they would only be filming at rLincoln Cente, which is what Page Six has also reported, but last week we got a tip that there may have been a change and that they would be filming at various location throughout the city.  So stay tuned for more filming locations and be on the lookout for those “Untitled 20th Century Fox Project” No Parking signs!

Update: Signs for Monday posted on 48th & 6th near the little plaza outside Fox News for Monday too. (Thanks @_whatshername)

Update #2:
Signs posted at 61st-62nd between Broadway and Columbus for Tuesday too. (Thanks @JackieGoldstein)

[Thanks Annie, @carlydip @kinoaquino @PopWrap]


  1. Tweet @dmwaldron he’s handling casting for Central, he said to refer people to him, though I’m assuming you’ll need to be registered with CC first

  2. You know if you have to be allowed to work in the US to be an extra, if it’s just volunteering? *Couse I would love to, but I have a student visa

    • Yes, you must be legally eligible to work in the US. These are paid jobs, not volunteering.
      You also need to already be registered with Central Casting to submit for any extra work with them.

  3. Christine, David Waldron sent out a tweet today that he can’t cast off Twitter. I think people misunderstood about tweeting him regarding casting for Glee.
    He told everyone that’s interested to go to http://www.centralcasting.org to find out how to register. He said you MUST already be registered with Central Casting if interested in being cast for Glee or any of his projects, as I’ve said before.

    • I by no means meant people could register off of Twitter, sorry if it came off that way, I have been bombarded with so many requests for how to be an extra I asked him what to do and he said to have people contact him, that’s all I was doing, was referring folks to him….

      • Oh, I know that’s what you were doing, I just think some people didn’t understand what you intended and were bombarding him too.

  4. The casting place has registration on Tuesday. If we do it, do you think we’d still have a chance of getting on for the rest of the days?

    • Probably not, they take 5-10 days to enter you into their system for casting calls. This was when I registered a couple weeks ago.

  5. They are filming all wee in NYC — I think Annie left a comment above that they were filming outside tomorrow so it might be worth checking out

  6. Does anyone know if they are filming indoors at all this week. And I seriously doubt that all of those signs are for glee, they cant be filming in so many diff locations all within a few days

    • They absolutely can. They are only filming Mon thru Fri, but they can have more than one unit filming at the same time, or just shoot at different times of day. I’ve seen tv shows like 30 Rock film at 3 locations in one day with only 1 unit filming, so yes, it’s possible.

    • yes, you are right! 🙂 I will correct, its more a matter of trying to work on my iphone under the table at Easter dinner! guess that wasn’t the best idea…. 🙂

  7. So i’m going tomorrow to try to see the cast but i’m a little confused. Those signs only indicate where the trailer will be or is that where they will actually be shooting at? Do you think 10am is a good time to go down there? I have no clue where to go first. Times Square or Rockefeller Center? Sorry for all the questions.

    • The signs are where they will park the trucks and trailers, so can’t always tell where exactly they are shooting. Essentially, all the signs seem to say filming starting @6am and going all day, so they are probably holding the parking spaces all day because they can’t be sure exactly what time they will arrive at each location, but the spots have to be available. Hard to know where to go first.

  8. yeah, I guess they’ll be filming all day. I heard they are only filming til the 29th. I checked the weather forecast and its supposed to rain/t-storm tues and thurs. Does anyone know what day they’ll be filming the performances inside. And will the fans actually be able to see the cast and get autographs..

  9. Another Question…

    If Glee is performing Nationals, won’t they need an audience for when they perform or are they using extras for that?

    • They will use extras for that. I think he said he would need maybe 700 extras for one scene, so I would assume it would be for that.

  10. Im not from NYC just here on holiday and so excited they are here while Im still here! Can anybody tell me where they would be filming so I could just get pictures?? And not where the TRucks are parked? xx

    • Jade, the trucks are usually parked on the same block/one or two blocks away from the actual filimg spot. Won’t be hard to see it if you find the trucks. And also, sometimes you can see signs that are supposed to tell cast/extras where the set is.

  11. I saw Lea Michele filming in Times Square at 8:30 this morning and also noted that there is paparazzi outside some trailers on 47th near 6th.

  12. I went today around 2 o clock and got there by 3, and I they weren’t there anymore 🙁

    What street do you think they’ll be tomorrow?

  13. I was able to snap some pics of Lea and Chris on 47th and 6th ave and then in front of the Gershwin theater. Does anyone have any updates of where they will be tomorrow?

    • check the page with Tuesday’s filming locations. All the locations are listed there. They are in Central Park today. I’ll post any updates I get there

  14. […] OnLocationVacations.com reports that the show will be filming today in the vicinity of 61st and 62nd, between Broadway & Columbus. There’s no news on the exact timing, but from what I’ve read in a couple of place it appears that they’re going to be there all day — “No Parking” signs at other locations have simply read “6 am – All Day.” I’ve also read elsewhere that there might be additional filming around the vicinity of 71st and Central Park West. […]

  15. Am coming into the city tomorrow and will be staying until friday afternoon…any finalized locations for tom (wed) would love to see and maybe get some pics!

  16. Check our twitter for tomorrows info haven’t done post yet as for fri are u on a cell? Might not show up leg me know…

  17. hey, not on a cell. Just obviously missing something..haha I cant find where fridays glee info is.. if u just point me in the right direction Id be eternally grateful.. thansk christine

  18. its listed twice which might be part of the confusion– here’s what it says:
    @kweiller: @olv just walked by the signs for Glee on Hudson, says they’re shooting Friday, at least from Leroy to Barrow (didn’t walk past Barrow) imsarahmoore: #gleeinnyc Morton street from Hudson to 7th ave. This Friday https://plixi.com/p/95974589 (@olv)

  19. Where r they filming, I am not from city and don’t know where that is. R they filming in city on Friday? Or r they outside of city

  20. Please tell me me, if you are able to, What time will Glee be filming on Hudson, Barrow, 7th? Will they be filming at night for any of these?
    When I saw your post for 61st and 62nd I waited there for hours. A time posted would be alot easier. Thank you sooo much!

  21. I want to know if they are filming on may 1st?? Please this is urgent! That’s the onlyday I willbe inNYC also are they filming other movies or shows??

    • Glee is not filming on May 1st.. They wrapped early this morning.
      I believe the only thing filming on Sunday is The Amazing Spider-Man.
      Locations are in the vicinity of 56th to 58th Sts. b/w 8th and 9th Ave. The signs will say filming for Fiona’s Tale, that’s the name they are using for the permits,

    • Spider-Man is filming today and tomorrow, but you had only asked about Sunday. I personally don’t know where they are staying, but I would not post that info even if I did.


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