Updated information for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ filming in Manhattan this weekend!

As we were first to report last month, The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to shoot in Manhattan this weekend and now we know where!

A few of our readers have spotted signs for Fiona’s Tale (the working title for The Amazing Spider-Man) around W. 56th/57th and 8th Ave for Sat 4/30 and Sun 5/1.

In addition to the signs around 56th and 57th, there are also signs in Harlem, where they have been rehearsing for a big stunt scene expected to possibly take place next week.

Thanks again to all our readers who have been sending in photos and tips about the signs for Fiona’s Tale around NYC! Don’t forget to send in your photos from this weekend’s shoot too. You can always contact us at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

(Thanks @christinagan)


  1. If this film is being shot in Manhattan and in Harlem, why then are there no parking notices plastered all over Woodside Queens ( 39th ave, Roosevelt ave etc..)???. This is a major disruption for people and businesses in this area. 39th ave and Roosevelt ave are major roadways with very significant traffic. The city of New York does not consult with the neighborhoods, all they care about is the revenue from these film companies. The city cannot disrupt parking on these streets I mentioned, it will be disastrous and I know for a fact that many residents and nearly all businesses will seek legal action for the disruption.


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