David Boreanaz begins filming ‘Officer Down’ in Bridgeport, CT

It looks like David Boreanaz won’t be getting much rest on his hiatus from Bones this summer.

The actor began filming a new indie flick entitled Officer Down by Brian A. Miller in Bridegeport, CT this week, along with co-stars Sephen Dorff, Dominic Purcell, Stephen Lang, James Woods and AnnaLynne McCord.

The movie is about a doctor and a security guard, who, when they dream, see what the other person did during that day. They meet when the security guard murders his wife and is then brought into the doctor’s emergency room after being hit by a car. Boreanaz and Dorff will take on the roles of two cops.

The majority of the movie will be shot in downtown Bridgeport over the next three weeks.

Most scenes will be interiors at various locations including the old Roberto’s Restaurant on State St, the old Cafe Roma’s on Fairfield Ave and inside a new apartment complex  also located on Fairfield Ave. On Monday they will shoot at  McLevy Green.

If you spot the cast of Officer Down filming or hanging out in Bridgeport, CT, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

[Thanks to Ashley for the info]


  1. What was rude was the celebrity in the spotlight should have at least turned and waived. While I am not a fan of his at all…..its fans like you that keep him popular.

  2. The guy is a talentless prick whose only claims to fame are underwear commercial and playing an emotionally retarded vampire on a half-assed TV series aimed at 14-17 year olds.

    He’s big news in what way?

  3. I hung out chatting with James Woods yesterday, on the set on the McLevy Green. He was down to earth, asked me what I did. A right out kewl guy! I forgot my camera, he told me they will be there today and Monday filming, so I can get all the pics I want. I love his movies, so I know this movie will be great. Today, I hung out with 2 other actors, and the crew.

  4. They are filming this movie as we speak in my apartment building on the 5th floor. The trailers are set up across the street in an abandoned parking lot. It is actually pretty annoying, having to maneuver around miles of electrical cables and not being able to get in the elevator because of the damn cameras and equipment. Plus, try explaining to a 4 year-old that the Craft services table set up outside our door is off limits.

  5. I met actor Johnny Messner in Trumbull mall last Tuesday when I went in for work. He was walking around and not many people knew who he was except my friend and I. Johnny was very humble when I recognized him and he shook my hand.

  6. I was in the movie but I wasn’t in a scene with David or James. I was in a scene with AnnaLynne McCord and Stephen Dorff though. Stephen was in his own world, didn’t even say hi, but AnnaLynne was really down to earth and friendly. We chatted about my heels and astrology (she’s a Cancer). lol


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