Zombies wanted in Atlanta for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2!

AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, will begin filming Season 2 in Atlanta in a few weeks and they are once again looking for people to play ZOMBIES!

Extras Casting Atlanta recently posted the following:

We are starting casting for some featured zombie types — looking for men and women 18 – 60 — VERY slim builds ONLY some acting or movement experience is great – we will be posting for other roles soon but for now only very slim types and slim facial features for very specific roles, must be available to work on southside of Atlanta — email clear recent face shot and body shot to: twdextras@gmail.com

If you remember, season one’s zombies had to attend a week-long ZOMBIE SCHOOL!

If you spot zombies filming around Atlanta, or try out to appear in The Walking Dead as a zombie, let us know at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. I have played a zombie before, as well as a teacher– I’ve been a set dresser… Once I was in a zombie movie my family has constantly asked me about the walking dead– please update where we can go- I’ll attend zombie school—

  2. im 6’5 i weigh approx 130, ive just always been skinny and lanky.
    i would kill to do anything for this show

  3. I am interested in being a zombie for TWD. I am 5’6 and 108#. At 50 I’m still very agile with good flexibility. Thanx. : D

  4. my name is kelsey i love the walking dead and i also love just zombie movies and tv show i could name about all of them and i know its crazy to say but i would love to be a zombie on the walking dead so plz let me be a zombie like it would feel my dream and i would probly be one of the most happiest ppl on this earth =] thank you

  5. Need knee replacement in March, already walking with stiff zoombie limp. I’d be a natural .
    5-10 , 200 lbs. . 56 years wise
    Native to Atlanta and love the show.
    My says my yard working clothes look like those on the show!

  6. Are you still looking for extras? I’m 5’5 and weigh 115..if your done with season 2 when will you be filming season 3? I love the show! Id like to be an extra.

  7. Hey! I’m 5’1 and weigh well… 170. So I guess I’m a bit chubby! However I have practice my zombie limp, and I love the show. Let me know if you need a 15 year old chubby girl in season 3!

  8. I am about 5’3″ and 120 lbs. I’m a 17 year old senior in high school. I know I am below 18, but I would still love to be a zombie for The Walking Dead. My friend and I practice our zombie walks and sounds all the time. I live in peach tree city so it would be convenient for the second season for The Walking Dead. If there is an exception, I am here to help! Thank you for your time. (:

    Rachel Frederick

  9. im 4’9 and im 78 pounds, im 13 and i know im under 18 but ive seen every inside peek, entered evrey contest, im always on the website, i know almost evreyline, ive seen every inside sneak peek, and ive seen every show. im very dramatic so it should be easy for me to film. i really want this role, and i hope you’ll give me a chance, if not…ill try evrey chance there is to get on the show. thank your for your time(:

  10. Hi I’m 6’0 210lbs looking for work i currently work for Netherworld Haunted house as an actor Season is done for right know and i need work until our upcoming season my number is ( 404) 553-1723

    thank you,

    Juan Jimeniz

  11. I am A 18 Year old male. 5’11 170 lbs. I live in Griffin Georgia, Spalding county. I have watched The walking dead since day 1. I have seen every episode and would love to be a part! I would also love to mee Daryl! I have no experience in this but would love to learn please please please email me!

  12. I think I’ll make a great zombie for the show. I don’t have any experience but if you give me a chance then that will be great.

  13. Hey saw you guys are walking dead fans. Were throwing an event this Sunday for the Season 3 episodes. It’s a Walking dead viewing party. Its free. 3 dollar zombie shots & fun for guys/girls that enjoy the show!

    Sunday Oct. 21st 2012

    Zucca Pizza – Smyrna Market Village
    2860 Atlanta Road Southeast Smyrna GA 30082

    Popmobb@gmail.com with any questions

    Event flyer @

  14. Hi I’m 15 years old I am 6’2 and I weight 170…. I am very tall an leanky for my age and I would love to be apart of the zombies walking around!! Please


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