Robert Pattinson begins filming ‘Cosmopolis’ in Toronto

Cosmopolis filming is finally underway today in Toronto.

A brief post appeared on the movie’s official website today announcing the start of production:

Cosmopolis – Shooting Starts Today

COSMOPOLIS’ principal photography starts today, May 23rd, in Toronto, Canada. Based on Don DeLillo’s praised novel, this highly awaited film to be directed by David Cronenberg gathered some of the most exciting stars of today’s industry, including names as ROBERT PATTINSON, JULIETTE BINOCHE, PAUL GIAMATTI, SAMANTHA MORTON and KEVIN DURAND, three-Oscar winning composer HOWARD SHORE and Cinematographer PETER SUSCHITZKY.

A ravishing cast and crew adds incredible value to the most recent project of the director, who already brought us masterpieces as “Crash” and “A History of Violence”. The filming ends on the 21st July 2011.

Though we’ve heard that the movie would be using Cinespace’s Kipling studio, a few posts on Twitter and Facebook today indicated they were filming at the massive Pinewood Studios.

If you spot Cosmopolis filming in Toronto, let us know about it at or, share with everyone in a comment below!


  1. I just read the book yesterday. I think this is one film I wouldn’t even pay money to see RP in. It was awful in my opinion.

  2. The exact day was not given (not surprisingly) but it says they will be there for a few days… they were setting up last week at the location so I wouldn’t be surprised if filming starts as early as Mon or Tues, is anyone close enough to maybe scope it out on Monday or Tues and let us know?

  3. I’m wondering if they are filming there this weekend, I found a picture of a trialer on Twitter that claimed it was Robert Pattinson’s trailer in Toronto yesterday for filming, anyone want to check it out?

    • I will drive by the Lakeside restaurant Monday morning and will let you know. It is also devasting (I won’t lie) to know that he was less than a block away from my office this weekend.

    • maybe you’ll get really lucky and they’ll be back at that location near your office since we’re not totally sure where they are today. Wouldn’t that be awesome! Let us know if spot them anywhere- good luck! 🙂

  4. The new pics from today had a conflicting report that RP was back at the same location today, but this info was wrong. I walked down the block from my office and they were still breaking down the set from yesterday. RP should be shooting at the Lakeview right now. I will drive by after work. OMG. He was so, so close to me, just not in my reality. I took a picture of the diner they filmed at yesterday, The Victoria Restaurant.

    • that sucks they weren’t back there! Yeah if anyone happens to check out the lakeview or gets any photos let us know! thanks for the update Elizabeth!!

  5. OK, I drove by the Lakeview restaurant around 5pm. There were no production trucks around. The small street (Roxton) on the eastside of the restaurant had a lot of orange pilons so maybe to reserve the parking spots for Tuesday? Sorry, not helpful. I am terrible at this stalking stuff:)

  6. Ugh! I’m tryin to plan shoppin with my drive in. I’ll go another day to time it right if I need to. Man… They don’t make it easy to stalk do they. 😉

  7. They are setting up at the Lakeview tonight, they begin filming tomorrow, although they were not sure about time. They have that location until Thursday at noon

  8. Erin, you are right. The filming should be Tuesday and Wednesday. I was just too early today before any real activity started.

  9. So it looks like Rob is onset at The Lakeview but what do I know? I like that these shoots start early in the day but I have to work goddamit.

  10. Hails, I hope you are able to stay cool under the sun and heat. Any sense on how long the shoot will be for today and how long do you plan to stay?

  11. I will be here as long as possible. We are standing across the street in shade. The two doubles- one for rob ( in a suit) and one for the girl are sitting outside. I think he’s in the restaurant. !! I will be here as long as it takes.

  12. You are funny. If I can leave work early and then go home to change, I will come down. I wll not hang out in my business suit.

    • I’m so exciting and so enjoying your threads !!! I can’t go there cause of I am foreigner but your threads makes me so happy like a I’m staying there!!! I wanted to say huge thanks!!! Please keeping continue the telling information! I really really envy you❤

  13. Hey everyone! So long story short… I saw him! Really close! And he smiled and waved at me! We didn’t end up seeing him at the set.. My friend and I decided to walk down the back street where their trailers were, and robs wasn’t there so we just decided to give up and we came to a park and climbed up the hill because we wanted to use the bathrooms and then we saw a whole row of trailers on a back street. Then we saw robs trailer with dean( bodyguard) out front and I got so excited! Had a sharpie and my phone for him to sign but he came out a few times and went back and forth to set and each time he smiled and nodded ect. I was so close! Dean was kinda mean but we just ignored him. I was proud of my Friend and I, we didn’t scream or anything we just said “hi rob”! Best day in a long time. We saw the girl in the movie and met a few of the other men actors too. But oh man… Rob does not disappoint up close 😉

    • Awesome! I guess Dean is just doing his job. He cannot be friendly. Gold stars for tackling the heat! Are you going back tomorrow?

  14. I wish! So mad right now! I had to leave at 6, then I got home looked on robsessed and the girls I was with got a picture and autographs of him 🙁

    • Heartbreaking. It is only the 2nd week of the shoot so you may get another chance. My friend keeps bailing on me and I don’t want to go alone to these movie sites. Did you drive and where did you park? There is a lot of construction in the area.

  15. I parked further down osslington. The fewer people you are with the better chance he will get a picture with you tho! Wish you all the best!

  16. Thanks Elizabeth. I need to be happy with what I got for sure 🙂
    I think they are still filming there tmrw. Hope it goes well for everyone 🙂

  17. Hails – or anyone else – is the park with the washrooms on the north or south side of Dundas?? Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  18. Does anyone know when Rob will be back in Toronto after the MTV awards? And where he will be filming next? Also, where about in Yorkville has he been seen?

  19. I live very close to “The Lakeveiw Resturant” , and close to ossington ave where someone mentioned that the rest of the filming would be going on. Me and some friends did see a film shoot but it was for something else, but people are on the lookout!

  20. Breakfast Television was filming this morning and stumbled across a future site for Cosmopolis.Not sure when, but they are painting a part of the set on Victoria street.

  21. No, I had no idea until this morning. I went by the location yesterday afterwork and saw the pinecones lined up beside the curb and assumed they would move them out over night for filming today, but I was foiled! damn those people! we need to be better at this!

  22. Erin, I feel your frustration. Both you and I have seen those orange pilons that love to taunt us. I should have practiced my stalking skills beforehand. Why does Toronto have to be so big? It is too large to cover. Ugh!

  23. Hi there! Does anyone know where they will be filming this weekend? I have a friend in Toronto and it would mean so much to her to just catch a glimpse of Rob! Thanks 🙂

  24. Hi Guys,
    Im a big fan of Rob.. I was there at lakeview restaraunt but did not see him and ive been searching up on him filming again but nothing came up untill this morning and that was too late. I just want to see him.. a glimpse of him would send me off to heaven LOL! so if u guys know anything please let me know.. it honestly would be a dream come true.. dont want to say im jealous. but i kinda am.. lol of ppl who got to see him and take pics 🙁

    • aw thankx elizabeth.. i told myself.. he’s here for 2 months.. If i Cannot find him in these 2 months.. i should never look for him again. lol 🙂 we can dooooooooo this…>!!!! a glimpse is all im asking for :$

  25. Lets do this! Does anyone know any other website or fanclub etc that we could check in with or something? I feel like there are way more people who know stuff/have leaked information.

  26. HE is filiming right now at Union Station. Security will be high as there will be alot of people around going to the baseball game and GLEE concert.

  27. Thanks Athena! Fingers crossed. Very very disappointing 🙁 And the city is a mess with the Jays game, Glee thing and Woofstock all going on..

  28. does anyone know if today was the only day they were filming at union? or when and where they are going to film again, other than in the studio??

  29. Ahh missed him again. May be some of the fans can go outside his hotel and catch him.. Like a bunch of us? Lol I dunno. Only a month and 7 days left before he leaves to NYC

  30. This is a tad late but on sunday after union station he went and filmed on adelaide st just west of widmer st till about 8pm. No idea if they’ll go back there but I thought I’d mention it.

    I was heading to the parking lot from glee/dinner and thought “hmm I wonder what they’re filming there..I bet it’s rob!!” and lo and behold it was!

  31. I don’t think he is at either of those hotels. I’ve done some scoping and I think I know where he is. The only downside is underground parking is available where he is staying, so he is likely picked up out of site and quickly whisked away in the ford egde with very tinted glass….

  32. Does anyone know if he’ll be filming on June 18th? I might be going into the city that day and I’ve been wanting to meet him- or even catch a glimpse of him for the longest time now haha. And if he is, do you know where he’d be on the 18th filming?

    and for anyone else, I’m pretty sure he stays at The Four Seasons, and he can apparently be spotted at pubs and bars at night, and sometimes Yorkville during the day when he’s not shooting. Even try somewhere like Hemingways

  33. Those signs from the subway are gone and there is nothing there now. So if there was something it’s done. I thought I found the set again, but it was just a Canadian TV Drama. Boo! Anyone else have any news?

  34. I went by the subway signs this morning and they were gone, but I heard that it was for The Hulk anyways, and seeing as they were in studio yesterday it would make sense it wasn’t for Cosmopolis.

  35. I was searching around on Twitter and Facebook but didn’t see anything… I just sent out a tweet asking if anyone could at least confirm if they are on location or in studio, maybe someone will help…betting they will be on location somewhere tomorrow, doesn’t it seem like they shoot on location just about every Sun?

  36. Thanks for the update Christine. I was away last week and thought for certain I would miss something major but I guess they were in the studio all week. The shoot is at the midway-point so it should be an interesting last 4 weeks. I hope the shoot has gone well for him so far and that he has good memories of Toronto. Rob could even turn-up at an MMVA after party tonight?

  37. I just went by the Opera House, there is something going on there, but I’m not sure its Cosmopolis. Its seems very small compàred to previous set ups, and the person watching the set is not same guy as at previous sets, not at all familiar. Also, this lead was a single tweet from some random person, so no confirmation.

    • I;m not 100% sure they are there but just to clarify I was contacted directlywith this info a few days ago , I didn’t get the tip from Twitter, I actually had a two different people send tips via email about it, wonder if they are setting up today shooting tomorrow maybe?

      • Sorry, I just saw it mentioned on Twitter. Who knows? they are getting pretty sneaky sneaky. Apparently they are filming downtown Toronto right now. But I can’t get the exact location. Boo!! Any luck about today?

  38. There was a tweet 4 hours ago with no specific location: Purplewifey Miss Wifey
    RT@SydniNaglie Just saw rpatz filming in downtown Toronto for his new film Cosmopolis!

  39. maybe the opera house is the holding are or something if they are filming downtown….sometimes they hold extras at one location and film nearby, can anyone explore the area?

  40. I got a google alert saying that rob was at a party downtown near Bathurst and Queen. Thats also close to the film trucks that were at Harbord High School (Harbord and Bathurst). Anyone heard anything like that? / live in the area?

  41. Dropped by earlier today. Was told they were planning to film Cosmopolis there…not sure if that will be tonight…but tomorrow sounded more likely. They were just setting up this afternoon. Anything going on there now Myra?

  42. They filmed overnight while they were at Victoria & Dundas (10 days ago?) so Myra you could be right about the night shoot. Thanks for your re-con effort.

  43. Hey guys no prob.. So anyone headed there tomm? Cos I left around 9 as there was nothing going on! Probably gonna head there tomm to see what’s up

  44. Does anybody know where the studios are or about any filming location today? I´m only here for 24 hours and I was hoping to see some of the filming!

    • The generic info I have is: Pinewood Studios at 225 Commissioners Road. It is a huge lot. I don’t know if HE is there today. I know nothing. Good luck to you!

  45. I have a tip that Rob will be filming night scenes with Paul Giamatti in downtown Toronto tonight.Wish I had more details but that’s it, I’m afraid :/

  46. He’s filming at “Disgraceland” right now on Bloor and Ossington. He will be filming late into the night so bring a coffee. Good luck anyone who goes!!

    • Thanks Erin for the info. I wish I could go but my husband would freak if I left the house for an overnight stalking session.
      Good luck to everyone that goes. I want pics.

  47. OMG, Elizabeth, that’s my situation too. I soo want to go downtown ,but when I mentioned that i might want to go for a drive, my husband just gave me that look and said, “you’ve lost your mind”!
    Please let us know what happens , whoever goes down there!

  48. I wished I lived in Toronto but unfortunately I live one hour away sucks because he is so closed and so far at the same time 🙁

  49. They’ve been doing some filming in Leslieville. Was sitting at Jimmy Simpson park last week and saw some young girls (extras, I guess) around the park on a break wearing bright/80’s style clothing. They were filming or had some kind of headquarters inside Jimmy Simpson arena. Walked by and saw the “Cosmopolis” sign.

  50. I’m going to be downtown Sunday and Monday, any idea as to where they might be shooting then? I always seem to find info about locations the day /after/ they wrap filming in that area.

  51. Hey guys i live in toronto and i wanted to know if anyone knows where they would be filming this or next week are they anywhere on location or the studio??

  52. I am from the TO area and want to know set locations. Can anyone help if they spot something?? We seem to be having an in-studio spell!

  53. I don’t think it’s temperance, I work near there and yes that is a place they film a lot, but very recently it’s been used by a US TV Drama with a big productions crew. It would make sense that as a TV show they will go back there.

  54. haven’t heard anything for tonight, might be in studio… I did get some pics from last night so they were def. on location… will try to confirm where they were…

    • Christine, do you travel all over to see him film. If so if it can be organged if he does to NYC would you like to meet up? It might be hard with schedules, but if it could done it would be fun.

  55. I can’t believe he’ll be in town filming for only 2 more weeks!!! If anyone has any information on set locations, it would be really appreciated 🙂

  56. They were filming downtown last night for about 11 hours. Me and my friends were there and we spoke to Robs stunt double and a producer (David Yates, very nice man) and they said they were only filming for another week and then the film would go into post production. Two girls who were there… ignored the pylons and just went up and knocked on Robs trailer door when no one was looking. Security didnt notice..and they actually found someone in his trailer when he wasnt there. After the girls left I asked if someone had overheard them…and they said that Kristen stewart opened a curtain and waved to them. They werent expecting her and didnt get photos but the girls were really shook up. DRAMA!

  57. Been so busy that it’s only until now I have time to finally try to just see Robert Pattinson. If anyone knows where he will be filming please let me know!
    Any chance anyone knows when he will be leaving (at the airport?) arrivals are easier to know but sometimes finding him while filming can be hard and at least at the airport you can’t go wrong if you know the flight etc. Thanks!

  58. […] I don’t know how true… lol via @victoria1985 “They were filming downtown last night for about 11 hours. Me and my friends were there and we spoke to Robs stunt double and a producer (David Yates, very nice man) and they said they were only filming for another week and then the film would go into post production. Two girls who were there… ignored the pylons and just went up and knocked on Robs trailer door when no one was looking. Security didnt notice..and they actually found someone in his trailer when he wasnt there. After the girls left I asked if someone had overheard them…and they said that Kristen stewart opened a curtain and waved to them. They werent expecting her and didnt get photos but the girls were really shook up.” source […]

  59. Apparently the overnight shoot from July 7 to July 8 on Temperance Street that wrapped at 5am was the final location spot. The remaining shooting days will only be in the studio.

  60. Seeing conflicting messages that filming has wrapped in toronto- anyone know if this is true? We will be in toronto tomorrow for the 100monkeys concert and were going to see if we could find the filming site-
    anyone know? this is the message that I saw on twitter- Or are they talking wrapped for the night?

    Holy Crap!!! Robert Pattinson just signed autographs for around 60 fans @ 5am after wrappedfilming on Cosmopolis tonight

  61. Outside shooting is wrapped. I believe 1 person has been able to get an autograph on set, but generally you don’t even see him let alone get an autograph. I doubt they will be filming again until Sunday.

  62. I guess the other night they were filming at Geary Ave , between Bristol Ave & Bartlett Ave.

    I tried to confirm if they were filming only in studio from here on out but couldn’t, which makes me question if that’s true…though I can’t confirm either way…

    also, hearing filming ends Fri

  63. I ventured over to Cinespace today, and saw all of the reserved parking signs for the crew of Cosmopolis in the lot. My friend and I decided to drive around the back. As we looked to our left, we saw the limo in all of its spray painted glory parked at the back. Are they really still filming, because we asked the costume designer we met in the parking lot, and she said that Rob is finished and no longer here. Maybe they are at Pinewood, too?? Don’t know if she was feeding us a line to get rid of us. Will have to do some further detective work.

    • Thanks for sharing that teach 3/4! I might be heading down to Pinewood Studios tomorrow but not sure when he is filming so I’ll just be waiting with a friend all day if we do go! Hope we can get some new info on his whereabouts but still respecting him as he is very busy!

        • Hey Jen. Unfortunately my friend and I could not go to Pinewoods Studio. But my friend did try calling them just to see if they would be willing to share anything. The person who picked up laughed (knowing she was a fan) and said that no he was not there today. My friend asked if he would be there tomorrow, she said no as well. She could be lying but my friend wanted to take her word as Pinewoods Studio is a bit far for us so we can’t just go whenever. Sorry I couldn’t give any better news!

  64. Awww….I wish I had known the location at that time…I would have totally come out 🙁 So sad 🙁 Oh well 🙁 Great photos though!

    • Hi Theresa, that article about Rob filming at Union Stn was totally misleading. Yes Rob did film there but it was a few Sundays ago.

      • Sorry, Elizabeth. I get Twitter and Goggle updates and that just happened to be one of them. I live in North Carolina so I don’t stand a chance in the hot place of ever seeing either one of them!

        • Hey Teresa, no apology required. I appreciate you sharing the info. Hold onto your faith and hope that Rob could one day film in your hometown. I never (ever) imagined that Rob would make a movie in the Tdot. I practically held my breath until he was papped at our airport in early May. The advice I have is to personally snoop any tip or lead yourself. Go to the location in question. Do not rely on everything you read. Studios plant false info to lead you the wrong way. I don’t fault them for this especially for the safety of their talent. I moved away from the comfort of my desktop, pounded the pavement and achieved my dream of meeting Rob last week! Again keep the faith, Rob is definately worth it and in a class all by himself:)

          • Elizabeth,

            You’ll get no argument with me on that! My husband and daughter think I have totally lost my mind because I follow both he and Kristen’s “story” so closely. Hey, when you’ve been married FOREVER like I have it is nice to believe that sometimes it’s not just a movie. I lost my job a few years back and just got a degree in web technology, so I am on the computer designing websites all the time. I can do that any where… of these days……

            • Congrats Teresa on your degree!
              Seeing Kristen last week too was like WOW! My family also think I am nuts but I am still on cloud 9!

            • Teresa, my friends and family are way past thinking I am crazy. Just have fun with it. Congrats. on the degree. Are you having fun designing websites. I needed one and I paid for the space, but I haven’t been working much so I haven’t moved forward with getting it designed again. My head just insn’t into it after the second child. But congrats. I am sure it is fun to create.

              • It does sound like you have your hands full at the moment!
                Yes, I love creating the sites. For a final project in school I created a site about the Twilight movies. I need to update when I have time and tske it live.

  65. Ok, ladies I have not had a keyboard in 2 weeks and it was killing me to read stuff and not be able to write back so I have hardly been on the computer. I have a question. I heard on the radio selena gomez is going to be in Philia on Friday and then doing somthing with rob on sat. does anyone know if he is on the east coast? I heard awhile ago he will be filming in NY in July and I forgot all about that. Is he in NYC? Thanks a lot

  66. I understand Cosmopolis has essentially wrapped (or is wrapped) but does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumour of Rob filming at The Royal York Hotel possibly with Paul Giamatti?

    • Elizabeth so they have wrapped in canada or completely? I heard that they will be filming a little in NYC. I know it can be done, but that is weird to have a movie based out of NYC and never film there. What they can do now a days.

  67. Hey Dawn, All signs suggest that Rob and Cosmopolis has wrapped in Toronto. I didn’t see any security at the studio gate today but I have been fooled before. Apparently only the 2nd unit (maybe to film skyline/scenic NYC views) will go to NYC and Rob is not needed for this portion of the shoot. I am sad that Rob’s time in Toronto is over.


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