First look at Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Will Sasso as ‘The Three Stooges’!

When it was first announced that Sean Hayes would play Larry in The Three Stooges I was skeptical, but after seeing these first photos of Sean in costume, it seems like he might be a perfect fit after all.

The Farrelly Brothers are filming a car crash scene for the upcoming movie in Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta through Wednesday and the cast of the movie was spotted hanging out in the park between takes today.

In these exclusive photos you can catch a first glimpse of Will Sasso (left with back to camera below) as Curly, Chris Diamantopoulos (using eye dropper) as Moe, and, of course, Sean Hayes (in the middle) as Larry.

Their co-stars, Sofía Vergara and Stephen Collins,  are also in the shots, Sophia actually tweeted a picture of herself in “bruise” make up before they started filming this morning too!

What do you think of the photos, are they making you excited to see the movie, or not so much?

[Photography by Andrew Snook]


  1. […] Onlocationsvacation has these first photos from the Atlanta set of The Farrelly Bros‘ THE THREE STOOGES Movie and as you can see, they go out of their way to make the three leads, Chris Diamantopoulos, Will Sasso, and especially Sean Hayes, to have their hairstyle and weight to look exactly like Moe, Curly and Larry. The website said they were filming a car crash scene, which is why there’s another shot, which you can see after the jump, of co-star Sofia Vergara with fake bruises.. […]

    • Hi Jessica,
      No, they meant Sean Penn, He was one of the front runners for Larry. I couldn’t believe it myself but then, Spiccoli could have pulled it off.

  2. This is cool- Sean Hayes tweeted us today and told us:
    “That was a long, wet day in a lake in a tux, wet suit and…oh yea…that wig.”

  3. […] On Location Vacations posted the first pictures of Sean Hayes (as Larry), Chris Diamantopoulos (as Moe) and Will Sasso (with his back turned as Curly) on the Atlanta set of the Farrelly Brothers’ Three Stooges movie. Sofia Vergara’s there too. For me, The Three Stooges is like that dude at the bar you give a handjob to under a table but all you can really think about is how you want a Shirley Temple with a vodka shot. I’m sort of into The Three Stooges when I watch it, but then my mind quickly wanders to another place (a place that serves booze, usually). So I don’t feel any raw emotions about this shit above. […]

  4. […] On Location Vacations posted the first pictures of Sean Hayes (as Larry), Chris Diamantopoulos (as Moe) and Will Sasso (with his back turned as Curly) on the Atlanta set of the Farrelly Brothers’ Three Stooges movie. Sofia Vergara’s there too. For me, The Three Stooges is like that dude at the bar you give a handjob to under a table but all you can really think about is how you want a Shirley Temple with a vodka shot. I’m sort of into The Three Stooges when I watch it, but then my mind quickly wanders to another place (a place that serves booze, usually). So I don’t feel any raw emotions about this shit above. […]

  5. About 15 years ago I had a dream that I was riding down Santa Monica Blvd in an old car. Moe was driving the car. I could see the pedals and the shifter. It was a converible and probably made around 1932 or so. Moe was telling me he wanted me to open a 3 Stooges musuem. Now I like the Stooges but I am not a fanatical fan which is why I felt it was strange that Moe wanted me to open the musuem. This dream was so different than any other dream I’ve had. It felt so real. I could feel the wind blowing thru my hair, the sound of the motor. Moe had to speak loudly as their was much ambient noise. I still remember that dream as if I had it last night. I’ve done nothing about it but still it remains fresh in my mind. Good luck with the movie. I will definatley watch it.

    Warren O

    • Amen to that. wish they’d leave some of our cherished icons alone. There are enough miserable failures without having to destroy the Great Ones. Why don’t they redo the Marx Bros? Or Laurel & Hardy?

      • Are you implying that the Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy aren’t “Great Ones”? If you are, clearly you belong in the “Miserable failure” category of Hollywood that you are referring to.

        • Dan…you’re sounding a bit paranoid there. The ‘Great Ones’ refers to any or all of the great movie comedians of the golden Hollywood Era. Take a deep breath Dan….now exhale…then repeat!

      • They did re-do Laurel & Hardy in “Laurel & Hardy: For Love Or Mummy”. The movie was so bad it never made it to theaters, it just went direct to video rental and mercifully disappeared.

      • They did! See the movie, “Brain Donors”. It’s sort of a remake of, “A Night At The Opera”, but it’s not exactly a remake.

  6. Well, what is the movie about?–A period peice with a more or less straight up bio? A period rip-off of a Stooge episode or a Stooge episode set in modern times?
    Both the first and last choice would be of interest, but for different reasons.

    • It’s actually going to be a compilation of skits…the Farrellys wanted to make modern Three Stooges skits instead of doing a bio. It’s basically going to be modern Stooges episodes set in today’s times

  7. No thanks, I’ll just wait for the Chinese DVD version for $2.00 and see it a week before the release here in the USA ……. Whooo …… Whooooo ……. Whoooo …….. Hey Mo’

  8. I have no doubt that this movie is going to BOMB !!!! Certain classics should be left alone by HOLLYWOOD. I have no desire what-so-ever to go see this movie. It will not even be worth a rental fee.

    • How true. Such as Beverly Hillbillies somes to mind.
      Wish Hollywood would just leave some of our cherished icons alone. What they should do is remake certain modern films with other look-alikes… about Mr & MRs Smith? Or Viva Las Vegas? I’m just kidding, but the idea is the same. don’t mess with greatness. You won’t reproduce it.

  9. Eh. Another remake that should be left alone, I foresee this being horrible, regardless of who is in it. Guess Hollywood really has completely run out of new ideas, all they can do is spew out remakes, sequels, prequels, and comic book movies.

  10. You know what this movie means to me. Memories of when I was a kid watching the 3 Stooges with my Dad on Channel 5 (Fox) NY back in the late 70’s to early 80’s. One of my favorite episodes (Don’t remember the name) is when they were trying to bring block Ice up stairs that were very high. It was great. I can remember a scene from another episode when they were cleaning a dog of Flea’s. They put a chisel on the dogs back to hit the flea’s off. I’m laughing while typing this comment… LOL… It should be entertaining. Can’t wait to see it…

  11. “What do you think of the photos, are they making you excited to see the movie, or not so much?”
    Well seeing there are really just 2 actual pictures zoomed at different levels focusing on just one of the actors. It is not all that exciting.

  12. Sorry but I’m not one bit interested in seeing the movie. From these photos I’m not impressed with what they are trying to recreate. I grew up watching the Three Stooges on black and white television and none of these guys even begin to measure up. Hollywood, leave some things alone and don’t try to keep recreating the past!

  13. yep this is a travisty in the making. The stooges were a saturday morning mainstay when I was a kid just like roy rogers.

    This kind of entertainment is only good as nostalga. Slapstick has disapeared. We do not like the stooges because they are funny anymore we like them because of the period they represent. Time has moved on and hollywood had decided that it would mine our memories and present another sack of crap movie…..

    • Kevin James???? You MUST be joking!!!! What about Chris Farley, or is he dead? Shave Jack Black and have him gain 100 pounds. What about Rosie O’Donnell? You just have to shave her! Oprah Winfrey’s not busy anymore!

  14. What a terrible lot of “actors” to play the best comedy trio that ever walked the face of the earth! Sean looks NOTHING like Larry, nothing at all. I feel sorry for these “B” list actors, as these roles and in particular this film will only further damage their somewhat vanishing careers. I will NOT see it in theatres and will probably not even rent the DVD. Perhaps some day late at night when I am bored to tears and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and IF this film ever makes it to TNT, which I highly doubt, I may watch it, but not until then. I never thought there could be a movie that surpassed Ishtar, but this is the one that will go down in history as the worst film of all times.

  15. There have been lots of folks in Hollywood wanting to do a Stooges movie for years. I’m glad to see it’s happening, finally, if only to put it to rest. I don’t think this style of comedy translates all that well for modern audiences. The Stooges were a product of their time. Getting laughs with physical comedy is a weird and elusive thing in any case. Look at “Mouse Hunt”… Lee Evans and Nathan Lane are good, funny, physical actors. It is a great looking, well produced movie. The premise was promising but… the laughs just weren’t there (for me anyway). I’ll see this movie though, and I hope they prove me wrong, I really do.

  16. I love the Three Stooges!! Brings back so many memories of when I was a kid. I would watch them every morning with my Grandfather before I went to school. Good clean laughs, we need more of them. Congratulations World of TV finally something worth watching.

  17. BUT of course, they will really screw up the movie by having a “leading lady/love interest/female” to move in between the guys to create “interest” during the movie as they do with nearly all films featuring guys as the main characters. By the way, I DO like women in movies with a good role other than what I stated above. So there toots!

  18. I love the three stooges. At first, I was afraid that these guys (who are unknown to me) wouldn’t live up to the part. But I read up on them and I’ve changed my mind. I think they are all right-on. I just hope the script, directing, and overall production is up to par. Fingers crossed.

  19. Not sure if they cast the right guys for this one. When reading the original article for the movie they wanted to do in 2009, the guys they had picked would have been perfect! Benicio Del Torro, Jim Carrey & Sean Penn most definatly would have been awesome. Guess we will see if the guys they picked can actually pull it off,lol.

  20. I always imagined Carrey more as Shemp than Curley. Will Sasso will make a better Curley. I also imagined Penn more as Moe than Larry.

  21. I hope it is a great hit, I love the stooges and the little rascals. As for the pics they really suck, all out of focus, maybe they should have got the guy from Fx’s DIRT, to shoot them.

  22. i have every episode of these guys but 1 three little beers. they look pretty good but lets hear the voices YUK YUK YUK

    • I MIGHT have “3 Little Beers” on video tape somewhere, but it’ll take a LONG time to look! I have well over 1000 VHS tapes, most of which I recorded myself.

  23. There are ‘Die-Hard’ Stooge fanatics out there, myself included, who are probably going to disect each and every frame of this upcoming movie. It’s not for any real reason except that we are ‘Die-Hard” fanatics of The Three Stooges. We’re not looking for fault, mind you, but we will be looking for respect to be paid for the trio. The actors cast as Moe, Larry and Curly {or Curley, as was once used,} seem to be very good choices. They’ve all earned a decent amount of respectability in their fields and hopefully are well aware of the love that The Stooges have earned over the last 90-plus years. I, and most (if not all) real fans wish all involved nothing but the best in this herculeon endevour. If anything, we simply ask for you to remain true to The Stooges, what they were all about, and most importantly to their simple brand of humor.

    If I may ask, why wasn’t Steve Paymer asked to portray Larry Fine? Was it an issue of age, or was he too much of a “Dead Ringer”? I’m not critiquing, but I am indeed curious.

    • I have a DVD set here that includes an interview of some guy that became friends with Larry in the last few years of his life and this guy can not only do Larry’s voice, he can do Larry’s face and mannerisms, too! Including his various takes in response to things going on in the movies. They should get him to play Larry!!

  24. I enjoy the Farrelly’s movies. However, I have a been a fan of the Stooges since I was old enough to watch T.V.. There is noone like the Stooges at their prime. Slapstick Vaudeville. Farrellys need to make sure about this one. Some things you can’t remake or improve on. This can be one of those cases.

  25. yeah, this is peaking my interest. I don’t mind hollywood reviving the past. I think if it’s done well, it honors these great comedic personalities. I grew up watching the Stooges and this move (if done well) will introduce them to another generation, at least for a little while.

  26. I am not interested at all. Nobody can’t replace the 3 stooges at all. Quick scheme to make a quick dollar for two weeks at the movies. i wouldn’t waste my money nor time..

  27. I grew up watching The 3 Stooges with my grandfather as well. I don’t know anything about any of these actors except for the one playing Larrry. I’m insulted and disgusted that they would choose a queer to play him. They were Jewish after all and having a gay actor play one of them would be like having a gay actor play the role of a priest or even God in a movie. Its insulting.

    • that is just prejudice against gays all over the world and how do you know if there arent any gay jews in the world there is prob a million of them

    • Do you realise how many priests there are that are not only gay, but like to go after little boys??
      I know jews that are gay!! What does religion have to do with someone being gay?
      And what does it matter one tiny little bit if a gay guy plays the part of a jew?? Again, do you realise how many jews in movies and t.v. have been portrayed by gay people???? Are you going to burn a cross on someone’s lawn now????!!!!

  28. hmmmmm. My guys… I LOVED The Stooges. However, are the ones that wouldn’t give them a Star on the Walk in Hollywood still alive? How can they even sleep with that on their mind? No kudos when you’re alive, but I’d love to make a movie of ya after you’re dead…I pass. And Sean looks like the ghost of Moe has snatched all the hair he could already…

  29. For the original Stooges sake, I’m gonna pass. The deafening sound in the theatre will surely be the silence…

  30. The Three Stooges were one of the best comedy teem I have ever really enjoyed in my life. It does make me think that slapstick comedy hasn’t died when I just found out the best is not dead and forgotten. Just don’t give up with just one movie.Keep the good ole comedy comming,please.I have missed the real comedy,so I get up at 4 AM to watch their old reruns.Thank You!We need as much as you can do.The world is to depressing.Humor is the best medicine.

    • Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk – even Curly knows that you team is not spelled
      “t e e m”. Anyway, the result remains to be seen. Good movie attendance by the public will be the true test. I hope it works – looks like those guys could be really good as a team!

      • “even Curly knows that you team is not spelled ”
        Yes, but he doesn’t know what “you team” means. If you are going to try and put somebody down for a spelling mistake, make sure you do it right… or better yet, don’t do it at all!!

      • It always bugs me when people pick at someones post by pointing out spelling errors. I may be pointing out your rudeness but somebody’s got to do it. Oh and LOVE THE THREE STOOGES!!!! THEY’RE THE BEST!!!

    • I agree completely!!! Bring back slapstick comedy without all the obscenities in the stuff they try to pass off as comedy now. Just fun, fun, fun, the way it was meant to be!!!

  31. I love the three stooges, watched them on tv all the time growing up. I think this cast is a great choice. I will definitely be watching. If the other three actors were making the movie, I would not rent it from the red box!

  32. I grew up with the original stooges. They were one of the funniest comedy acts of all time. So not knowing any of the 3 actor/comedians they have casted for this movie doesn’t excite me about watching it. The best they can do is a guy from Will and Grace??? The few times I sat thru and episode I didn’t find it very entertaining, let alone funny. And Curly is called Curly for a reason. In the photo his hair is closer to straight…. maybe call him Wavy instead of Curly for this flick. If I watch this movie it’ll be when it’s available for free.

          • Actually, Curly had the buzz cut, almost bald, Moe had the mixing bowl hair cut, straight, and you are right about Larry, he had the receding hairline, and very curly hair!

            • Makes me wonder if any of you people saw the Stooges. I came home every day after school, as a child, and turned on WGN-TV in Chicago to watch them. Moe, Curly & Shemp Howard were all brothers(Curly and Shemp would alternate in later years), and Larry Fine was the one w/the almost “Bozo the Clown” hair cut. I think they were perfect as they were and should not be messed with. No knock-off Stooges! Don’t MESS w/PERFECTION! I never even liked Curly-Joe or the other so-called “Curly” that they used in the 1950’s. They were piss-poor knock-offs too. Whyyyy, I oughta……..

              • Let’s get this straight please. From various biographies and interviews over the years with folks who grew up with the “Stooges” and the Fine’s themselves, Larry, Moe, and Shimp were all brothers who had been pursuing carriers in Vaudeville, but not achieving much success. They found the success they wanted in “Slapstick,” which was an offshoot of Vaudeville in the 30’s. Shemp would later leave the Stooges to pursue his dream on Broadway. He later became a director of Broadway productions. Curly was a cousin of the original Stooges. Curly reportedly suffered health issues, that led to Curly Joe being introduced, who was reportedly a close childhood friend of the Fine brothers growing up. Moe had the “Bowl Cut”, Larry had the naturally curly hair and Curly had a “Buzz Cut,” which was becoming a radical style of the day. Reportedly, Curly had his hair cut that way because he hated to mess with his hair and feared going bald like his father.

                • Curly was not a cousin of the original Stooges. Curly was the the younger brother of Shemp Howard (Samuel Horwitz) and Moe Howard (Moses Horwitz). Moe, Shemp and Larry (Louis Feinberg) got their break in vaudeville in 1925 when they joined Moe’s childhood friend Ted Healy. They were Ted Healy and His Stooges. Healy was a creep and treated them poorly. Shemp left the act to pursue a career in films and Moe brought in little brother Curly (Jerome Horwitz) to replace Shemp. They finally broke away from Ted Healy and started making their successful Columbia Pictures shorts int he early 1930s.

        • A crew cut is what the Big Bopper had. Too old for you? Okay, a crew cut is what Jim Carrey had in, “Me, Myself & Irene”. Curly’s head was shaved, but not completely bald. Moe had the pudding bowl cut. Larry’s hair was very curly, he just put too wide of a part in it. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!!

    • you’re a moron. Curly was bald and the nickname came from what he said the first time he cut all of his hair off.
      The guy from will and grace is playing LARRY!

      Seriously, kill yourself.

    • Well I hate to break this to you, but the “original” three stooges was Moe, Larry, and Shemp. Curly replaced Shemp. Shemp couldn’t tolerate the mistreatment coming from Ted Healy who was their manager at that time.

      • No, Ted was the “head stooge”! It was Ted Healy And His 3 Stooges. He beat the hell out of them for a laugh and they didn’t like it, so they left him and did a slightly tamer version on their own. Moe kind of became Ted, but, as I said, he wasn’t anywhere near as rough.

  33. If you guys think that looks like Larry……maybe you needed glasses going back to the 60’s. Moe on the other hand I can buy…… But, even though Carey etc turned down the project, there has to be 3 better guys from a casting perspective in all of Hollywood to go to rather than these B listers.

    • I agree the guy who’s playing larry sucks, I guess me being such of 3 stooges fan i exspect them to be dead on point with the characters, Will Sasso I think will make a good curly though, because he was funny on mad tv and he can act silly and do those curly voices, Moe looks pretty convincing too, but yeah get a new larry

  34. These guys look nothing like the original Stooges. No one will ever come close to playing the stooges on t.v. or on film. I’m a big time fan of the Three Stooges but I don’t think I will watch this movie until it’s free.

    • I’ve never understood why they don’t give unknown look-alike actors a break and give them the roles in these movies instead of hiring already famous people. Whenever I watch people I already know I’m thinking about how well they are or aren’t copying the original characters instead of thinking of them AS the characters.

  35. on another note, Sean Penn would have been a good larry, they could’ve just used the clip from Carlito’s way…lol

  36. I’m not sure of the who the other two gus are, playing Moe and Curly, but Sean Hayes is a mis-cast. He isn’t funny and looks nothing like Larry. I too grew up with the Stooges and was excited to seeALL of their movies. This cast doesn’t excite me at all. I hope Hayes isn’t in full make-up in the photos, cuz he looks nothing like Larry. I will watch the movie out of curiosity.

  37. Yer kiddin me…… where no how do these guys come close to resembling the Stooges……..I grew up on the Stooges…..Shame. An, I agree with tthe one guy that in all of Hollywood, this is the best they can do???

  38. This is absolute garbage. Hollywood needs to come up with something new for a change. The last thing we need is another crappy remake ruining a classic. One of the things that made them so great was the fact that it was so politically incorrect, how are they gonna do that in this new age “don’t hurt my feelings please” society?

    • I agree with Dagwood on this one. There are just some classics that should be retired and left alone, because no remake can ever do them justice. Batman, 4-10 to Yuma and several others all come to mind and were all disappointingly disgusting. I’ve watched and collected every Stooges production and there can never be another “3-Stooges.” As far as I am concerned, Hollywood is dead as far as original talent is concerned. I rarely watch any remake of a classic for this reason. The only remake that was worth watching was “War of The World’s,” because they had the decency to keep the same story line, but at least transported the original plot into a different era instead of trying to remake what was originally done. That cannot work with the 3-Stooges.

  39. Will the movie be black & white? It would be much better B/W, because the original series of course was B/W, since color wasn’t around much back in the 40’s/50’s all that much in films and tv series.

  40. Why can’t they leave well enough alone. There will only ever be one “Three Stooges”. I wouldn’t go see this even if they paid me to go.

    there is an old saying: “you can’t go home again”

    • I saw that, too. It was pretty good. It was more about their personal lives and how they got into show business. I was surprised that they were taken advantage of so badly by a lot of people and that they had to struggle in their retirement years. I guess that happens a lot in show biz, though.

  41. will be very hard to duplicate the comedy and characters. the three stooges were one of a kind and trying to bring them back to life is impossible. Just keep playing the oldies.

  42. OMG!!! All I see are a bunch of people bored with their lives talking crap about a movie!! It’s for entertainment purposes… Get a life people!!

    • If “entertainment purposes” is all you can see in true classics, it calls in to question what you call a “life.” There is a great deal of value that you have obviously missed somewhere. Productions of this type are much more than pure entertainment. It is pitiful to see such a narrow-minded view of things that have such value to the human condition.

  43. im not going to see it or even buy it
    now if the cast was Sean Penn as Larry, Jim Carrey as Curly, and Benicio Del Toro as Moe
    like it was suppose to be than yeah i would go see it but since its not i have no interest in seeing it at all

  44. Its a new day the stoogers got their laugh from other cultures and races of people. As I said earlier its a new day.

  45. I Really like the Stooges. I was brought up with them playing in our house every Sunday Morning with my Dad. It’s one of my sweetest memories of my Dad. We would get up in the morning and he have a cup of coffe, and I would have a bowl of cereal and we would laugh our butts of..I really like the old fashion entertainment, it is black and white…

  46. Old Chinese Proverb: If New movie not interesting enough to watch, Then turn off TV.. So as the wise man says, nothing is as good as the original, but it could be better than nothing at all. You guys worry about nothing. No one asked you to go see the movie, but like all things in your life, you have choices. To see or not to see, that is the question.. Like Paul Harvey Said:: Now you know the rest of the story.. Good Day

  47. These are the lamest photos ever. It was jip of time just going here. Wait until you have some real behind-the-scenes pics before we waste our time. People don’t like to be use, and we doubly hate it when you waste our time and use us at the same time. I may never trust these stories again.

  48. They picked great actors to play great actors, but the Farrellys are making the same mistake that’s been made before. It’s like Leslie Nielsen play Mr. Magoo or Steve Martin play Inspector Cluseau – great actors, great characters, but it just doesn’t work. May as well cast Vin Diesel to revive a John Wayne role.

  49. lets see, how many stooges were there? answer: 6 and i can name em . larry, currly, moe .of course then shemp. joe besser lil joe as far as hair cuts curley had a butch cut moe a bowel cut larry had a baulding frow lol shemp had extreamly long bangs. now lil joe and joe besser were bald ! also the howard family were moe curly and shemp . yes they were brothers .

    • If you count Ted Healy, there were 7 of them! Morris “Moe” Howard (Horowitz, actually), Jerome “Curly” Howard, Shemp Howard, Larry Fine, Joe “Joe” Besser, and Joe “Curly Joe” DeRita. They did tour again for a while after Larry had his first stroke and someoner else took his place, but I can’t recall who. Oh! It was the guy in, “Brideless Groom” (Shemp neds to get married in a few hours to gain an inheritance) that played the part of the guy that was going to marry Shemp and his new wife to be. I KNOW his name, but I can’t think of it!! Both Curly and Curly Joe had their head’s shaved. Joe Besser was not completely bald, he had the toilet brush thing going. Y’know, that thin patch of hair around the back of his head because his forehead was WAY too long. Shemp just had long hair that was greased and parted in the middle.

  50. People are so retarded to go see a movie simply because it has A- list movie stars.if you wanna see the actors stay home and look at pictures of them…The movie may suck, but the upside is that there will be a revival of the ORIGINAL stooges. this will introduce GREAT comedy to a generation of kids that have likely never seen the stooges

    • Carlos, I agree with you on sentiment, but the fact remains that once a remake movie comes out, you rarely see the original and they get forgotten. When was the last time you saw the original “Batman” series, “4-10 to Yuma”, “War of The Worlds”, “Walking Tall”, “Posieden Adventure” or several of the other “Greats”? The sad truth is that once a classic is remade, the original often gets relegated to some dusty corner of some archives somewhere.

  51. Curly’s hair was shaved for every episode I saw except one. His last apperance before he died. Where Moe, Larry, and Shemp are one a train, and they look at a guy snoring. Who is in fact Curly with his hair grew out( thats when you could really tell Moe, Shemp, and Curly were brothers.) A crew cut is what you get in the military. Zero inches on the side and no more than one on the top….Come on people if you arent real fans don’t even bother commenting on something you know nothing about. Its ashame that me, a teenager, knows more about the Three Stooges than people who are probably twice my age.

    • Samantha you apparently are not a real fan, because, if you were, you would know that in every episode Curly was NOT bald he had a very close buzz cut. Do some research before posting about something you don’t truly know. Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck.

  52. Sean Hayes really??

    He doesn’t even have the Larry nose for chris’sake.

    Will Sasso on the other hand looks like he’d be a great Curly. The guy playing Moe looks too tall. Way too tall. Moe was a scrawny fellow. Also, that guy in the suit, does he have scratches on his face? I hope they aren’t going to be using blood with the stunts – the whole reason I laugh at the stooges was because it was made to be so fake!

    And to everyone nit-picking about crew cuts, buzz cuts and baldies – GET REAL! Bald or buzz cut – it still gives the same look! I can’t believe your going to get all righteous over 1/4″ of hair!!!

  53. Not so much…these epic comedy legends need
    Ed a great cast. Some comedians have been waiting there whole lives for it. No research needed also. Unless these guys kill it, it will be a disgrace. And it will be remade. My two cents.

  54. “Are you married or happy?” Moe

    Curley courting a woman with a martini in his hand “roses are red violets are blue two more of these and wo-wo-wo-wo”

    Love the Stoogers I hope this movie will keep the retro times alive and not modernize this classic act!!

    • Yeah, I know!! Like what they did with the Chipmonks movie a few years ago!! They’ll all be speaking Ebonics, wearing baseball hats backwards and over their ears, the waist band of their pants around their knees, etc.!!

  55. The Three Stooges were an American vaudeville and comedy act of the early to mid–20th century best known for their numerous short subject films. Their hallmark was physical farce and extreme slapstick. In films, the Stooges were commonly known by their first names: “Moe, Larry, and Curly” and “Moe, Larry, and Shemp,” among other lineups. The film trio was originally composed of Moe Howard, brother Shemp Howard and Larry Fine. Curly Howard replaced brother Shemp, who later returned when Curly suffered a debilitating stroke in May 1946.

    After Shemp’s death from a heart attack in November 1955, he was replaced by comedian Joe Besser, after the use of film actor Joe Palma to film four Shemp-era shorts. Ultimately, Joe DeRita (nicknamed “Curly Joe”) replaced Joe Besser by 1958. The act regained momentum throughout the 1960s as popular kiddie fare until Larry’s paralyzing stroke in January 1970 effectively marked the end of the act proper. Moe tried unsuccessfully one final time to revive the Stooges with longtime supporting actor Emil Sitka filling in for Larry. Larry ultimately succumbed to a series of additional strokes in January 1975, followed by Moe, who died of lung cancer in May 1975.

    Curly was brought back for a cameo in one of their later shorts. You’re both right. Curly did have a crew cut. Although almost shaven bald was concidered a crew cut back then, when you looked like the rest of the crew in the Service. Curly had a sever drinking problem, because he considered himself unattractive to Women. Shemp quite the team to move on to doing motion picture. he did land some bit parts in a war movie and played a thug with a small speaking part in a Cagney movie. And it WAS Ted Healey and his Three Stooges. Moe later on in years worked for Columbia picture before the Stooges reunited in a Stooges flurry that was Started by a Boston Televsion kids show hosted by Major Mudd (Jack McDonald) He brought the stooges to Boston for their first live performance on stage in years. That’s why all you guys started seeing them in the afternoon on your local stations. And how everyone became aware of what REAL comedy is! They were funny. At least they didn’t have to use profanity, to get a laugh. As Curley said when asked, while being sworn in as a witness in one of their shorts… “DO You Swear… Said the bailif, “Oh no, but I know all the woids”, Curly replied. The rest they say is History.

    • I have a box set of Stooges CDs. In refers to “Curly’s” resentment of being forced to have his hair buzz cut, since being a womanizer, he thought it made him less attractive.

      The reason we saw the demise of The Three Stooges on daytime TV was the fact that so much violence was portrayed in their work. At least that’s what the “politically correct” “moral majority” called it; despite the fact that all the impact sounds from tools and such were dubbed in afterward. Some kids actually were doing the eye-poking and head-banging that was so prevalent in their films.

      Again, I don’t think we need a remake of the Stooges, but as I understand it, film deterioration has resulted in the loss of many of their episodes. Even on Nick at Night, or TVLand, when I sometimes catch the Stooges, I will be watching an episode and actually know when a part of it is missing.

      No, there will never be another Three Stooges, as there will never be another Our Gang, or Leave It To Beaver, or The Andy Griffith Show (aka Mayberry RFD), or even another Steve McQueen. Some things are just better left to the originals, as they were perfect just as they were. The Stooges (with the originals, Moe, Shemp & Curly Howard, and Larry Fine) can never be properly replaced. And that’s the way it should be. The Three Stooges are dead; Long Live the Three Stooges. May they rest in peace!

      • All of the Stooges shorts made for Columbia are still available in their original form. If you notice any missing scenes it’s because they’ve been edited for time so that more commercials can be squeezed in.

  56. It’s a movie. If you like the stooges go see it. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s kind of stupid to be complaining about the actors, and their hair.

  57. well let’s see,moe out lived them all.and he kept his “bowl” cut,i believe his last appearance on tv was on johny carson.larry didn’t like water,and the let side of his face was raw from being slaped by moe all the time.curly on the other hand,kept his head shaved for most of the series.(very little if any)
    hair was ever seen.curly was also noted to be a womanizer.and a drinker,in his later years,he wound up in a nursing home.shemp did have long bangs,
    he was also a boxer before becoming a lary and curly also had a short saturday morning series.and if you don’t remember that,it started with a cartoon clip of them as a three piece marching band,curly held the drum,lary played the instruments,and moe was the conductor.
    they had slapstick and dry humor.
    (ted was never a stooge as i recall) and i recorded alot of their marathons.and all you are doing is arguing over “HAIR”or the lack there of.lets be real people!!!!the new movie may be good or bad,that’s a matter of opinion….nobody will ever really look like them,and nothing or no one can match their talent!!!!!may the real stooges remain in our memories.i am 51,and i enjoyed every stooges episode,may they rest in peace.

    • Larry was an accomplished musician so all of the playing of the instruments that he did was real. The left side of his face was so calloused from all of the face slapping that he never felt it. When Curly was not filming, he had a full head of hair, he only shaved it for the show.In 1 show, there was Moe,Larry, and Shemp and Curly was sleeping in a train car. Ted Healey was never a stooge but he was the Stooges manager. After awhile, they split from each other and Ted tried to form his own set of stooges, but that didn’t work out.

  58. The Alex Film Society in Glendale, Ca has an annual Three Stooges film festival in late November where they show selected Stooges movies and some special video that is rarely/never seen. This has included their 1953 3D movie Spooks, family films, appearances by Moe on the old Mike Douglas show where he demonstrated his skill as a pie thrower. There are always members of the stooges families in attendance and it is well attended. Definitely worth coming to if you live in the LA area.

  59. The Three Stooges shorts still appear on the AMC channel on weekends.
    The family members (children and grandchildren) of the Stooges formed a company which now owns the rights to these shorts. The family has cleaned up and digitized all of the episodes in their entireties. All are now available on DVD. Unfortunately, sometimes when they are shown on TV, the episodes are shortened (bits were cut out) to allow for more commercials. Fortunately AMC shows them in their original form. Also to correct an earlier post, the Three Stooges morning show shorts with the cartoon intro were made in the 60’s and starred Moe, Larry and Curly Joe (not Curly).

  60. Not even close! Moe looks half way decent, but Larry is totally WRONG!
    The back shot of Curly shows promise. With todays make-up technology, there should be a way to make a better looking Larry. I am also concerned with the voices. A big part of the STOOGES apeal was the witty, squeaky banter between them. If the voices don’t match the originals, the movie won’t be good. I guess they could always overdub the original voices over the actor’s.

  61. I don’t like the cast, but who knows maybe they will play it well. I’d like to see them add Jack Black as Shemp.

  62. I think a dream team would be:
    Moe=Jim Carey
    Larry=Adam Sandler
    Curly=Either Will Farrel or his ‘Step Brother’
    Shemp=Jack Black

  63. no way its not even worth the try…there will aLWAYS BE only one true cast of three stooges…leave da classics as they are untouched..remakes only suck an are a waste of money!

    • I don’t think that remakes are bad, some of them are actually really good, but this three stooges thing looks like it’s gonna suck hard. I didn’t like the originals anyways but it looks like this is only gonna make it worse.

  64. Im 34. I watched The 3 stooges when i was a kid. I can remember my brothers and I acting out the scenes, none of us wanting to be smacked. On new years day this year there was a marathon of Stooges and my wife dvr’d them. Our 3 children, 14 12 and 6, have grown up with play staions and xbox’s and color tv’s in their rooms. Ipod and cell phones in their pockets. There is no way that kids now-a-days would watch a show thats black and white and 80 years old! WRONG!! I have never seen our kids laugh harder than when they watch the Stooges. Their favorite episode is Pop goes the Easel, where they are throwing the modeling clay at each other. Our youngest is 6. When he starts laughing at the show he gets that infant rolling belly laugh, in turn making his mom and I laugh. Its Great!! The problem with this movie will be US, the viewers. We will expect it to be like the originals and that isnt going to happen. If you watch it thinking its going to suck then for you it probably will. If you go in with an open mind then you will probably laugh at it just like the old days. We probably wont see it in the theater but will definitely rent it.

    • I am 58 and i was always so glued to tv (no cable then) three stooges took main viewing back then. Lone Ranger was second. Sky King was third. Loved his daughter Penny. You mention tree stooges now and most have no idea. Just make sure the kids know what they see is all staged by professional’s who know how to pull punches and hits to head. My brothers and i were pretty brutal on each other back then.

  65. I hope it is an origin story. Maybe start them off as kids and then show us how they meet before getting them out their on an adventure.

  66. “The Three Stooge’s” were more than a good script and makeup. I find it to be disrespectful of the Howard brothers that a remake is even being attempted. The characters, Moe, Larry and Curly were organic in nature and were nurtured and developed over the lifetime’s of the men who represented them. There is no “best actor” to fill these rolls. An actor who tries is nothing but a stooge.

  67. Stayed up late last night wacthing the Stooges. All the make up in the world…there will never be another Moe, Curly, Shemp or Larry.

  68. As a writer…I am dumb-founded by all these “remakes”…it is like hearing my favorite song re-recorded un-satisfyingly…at best. Can there be another Charlie Chaplin? Absolutely not! It is one thing to re-enact for biography sack…but to RE-make the Three Stooges…why even attempt it? If producers are that starved for material…make more of an effort to check out material written by those of us who are “un-famous”. It’s always more genuine and rewarding to dig for the buried treasure than to steal/borrow from someone elses loot.

    • Back in the late `80’s, or better, the Zucker brothers made a Marx Brothers movie without using people that look sound or acted at all like the Marx’s, and it was hilarious!!!! It was called, “Brain Donors”, but it was a modern “re-make” of, “A Night At The Opera”. The “Groucho” character (played by John Tutoro (sp?)) was a fast talking, wise-cracking guy, not exactly like Groucho, but close enough to resemble him. Instead of someone imitating Chico Italian accent, they got a British comedian (Gryff Rhys-Jones) to play the “Chico” part and comedian Bob Nelson played the “Harpo” part. Most often, he didn’t speak, but he DID have lines once in a while and there were word plays a-plenty throughout! The woman that played, “Mrs. Pinchon” on the “Lou Grant” show in the `70’s, played the Margaret Dumont roll and the movie was about a ballet instead of an opera. Only the basic idea of the movie and it’s main characters was used, everything else was completely fresh!! They should do this Stooges movie like that!!

  69. Id like them to put in the second stooge movie as actors Adam Sandler Moe James Marsden Larry And Vince Vaughn Shemp how do u guys like that?

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