‘Cosmopolis’ scheduled to film at The Lakeview in Toronto next week

Reportedly, Robert Pattinson will move out of the Toronto studio where he’s been filming Cosmopolis, to shoot a scene at The Lakeview for a few days next week.

The restaurant will be used as an interior location for the movie, according to a flier that was distributed throughout the neighborhood.

The Lakeview is just one location that will be used in the film, they are also expected to shoot on Ossington Avenue in the next few weeks.

If you spot Rob filming or want to share any scoop or photos with fellow fans, let us know in a comment below, or via email at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. I think Pinewood but I heard this morning that Rob is leaving today for L.A. (may have already left?) for movie awards

  2. Can anyone help me out? I am trying to figure out where filming Cosmopolis will take place tomorrow- Friday the 10th.

    Thanks bundles.

    • hello, i was wondering if they do film at the pinewood studio and a fan does go, does he usually come out and greet them or no? bcuz isnt that place like factories and studios. no many people there i believe.

        • okay, thanks a lot. so where is it best to be able to meet him. i really want to meet him. love him lol. thanks guys for any help.

  3. hey for the 15 of june (june 15th) which is a wednesday where will he most likely be. he is still in toronto i believe right. does anyone know exactly where he will be on wed. ? thanks so much people.

  4. heyy guys, im hoping to meet this guy lol. where will he be now a days. where is his trailer. and if like someone waits there will he come by at any point. im not stalking hime or anything dont get me wrong. i just want a glimpse of him. o ya lol. thanks for any help i can get. thannnnnkkk yaa :))

  5. Any news where they will be filming today or tomorrow? Can’t believe there have not been any sightings for a week.


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