Fan photos of ‘Men In Black 3’ filming in Brooklyn, and at the Beach

Men In Black 3 has set up shop on Robert Moses Beach, Field 4 in Long Island where they’ve built a “bunker”, and have attracted plenty of curious beach-goers too.

We hope when people the visit OLV and see all of the different locations where movies are filming it will inspire them to visit a few, and looking at the blue skies and picture-perfect sand on this set, we know we’re inspired to visit Robert Moses Park sometime soon!

On Friday, they shot a scene in which Josh Brolin flies down a wire and escapes a soon-to-be-CGI spaceship towards the “Cape Canaveral bunker.”

And today, both of the movie’s stars, Josh Brolin and Will Smith (with his gigantic trailer in tow), are back on the Long Island set.

We have a few sets of photos from Friday’s beach shoot including these from Dan G, who is pictured with Josh Brolin above. You can see all of his photos and a video on his Photobucket page too.

[nggallery id=297]

Brian Stoll also sent us a few shots taken around the set on Friday, which you can check out below:

[nggallery id=298]

MIB 3  also filmed a few extensive car stunt scenes in Brooklyn over the weekend, where they turned back the hand of time by adding retro subway stops and plenty of cars from the 1960s that lined Court St for more than three days. @Misslo sent is a few photos from that shoot too which you can check out here:

[nggallery id=299]

Thanks to all of our readers who have sent us updates from the MIB 3 set, if you spot them, let us know at


  1. I was there today again, they were shooting some fight scenes, but cameras were facing the beach and the crew was making sure we didn’t get too close, so I couldn’t get too many good shots. Josh Brolin was practicing throwing a few punches. Will’s treaile was still there, but I didn’t see him at all.A crew member said they will be there the rest of the week. I’m gonna go tomorrow around 8:30AM and I’ll provide more updates!

    • Dan, I think something might have changed heard they were filming in studio Wed just as an FYI, if you check it out and they are still there let me know,thanks!

  2. Hey Christine, thanks for the update! I don’t think I’ll go then b/c it’s about a half hour away and gas is $$$. If anyone goes, please update daily!


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