UPDATE: ‘Jayne Mansfield’s Car’ set to shoot in Cedartown, GA, Extras Needed

Cedartown, GA, a small town north of Atlanta, is about to receive a visit from Hollywood.

It was officially announced last week that Jayne Mansfield’s Car, starring Dennis Quaid, Robert Duvall, and Billy Bob Thornton, will be shot at various locations around Cedartown, including the West Cinema and Moore’s Soda Fountain.

They are looking for extras to appear in the movie.

“We are looking for men and women, a few kids but mostly ages 18 to 60 or so with timeless looks, as this film is set in 1969,” said Patrick Ingram, the movie’s extras casting director. “We really want folks with no modern hair dye jobs, piercings, etc.” Ingram said. “We very much are in need of people that would like to be extras that have cars 1969 or older.”

Interested applicants should send “a good clear recent photo or two of yourself and your clothing sizes and height, and all contact information. If you have a car, send a picture of the car as well.”

Photos should be sent to ecaindie@gmail.com as soon as possible, as filming is expected to begin by the third week of June.

If you spot them filming in Cedartown, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

Update: They will be filming on Main St between Sunday, June 19 and Friday, June 24.

[Source: The Fish Wrap]


  1. i want to ask how much is the pay for youself and car or just car i have a 1963 ford falcon sprint that has been completly restored looks brand new

  2. I am not interested in the pay,my daddy has a 1967 Camaro, and it really looks good. I think it would look good in the movies…Thank you for giving the locals a chance to be extras. Hope you all enjoy your stay,dress cool!

  3. Hi, I’m having a difficult time getting my email to go through for some reason. Has anyone else had a similar problem with the email that was provided to send photos to?

  4. I sure hope that my daughter, Meggan Gillham works on this. We are 5 minutes from Cedertown and she is a very professional experienced actress and extra. Has even worked with Dennis Quaid before, all 4 months of Footloose. This is so wonderful for Cedertown, Polk County, and Rome.

  5. OMG this is my hometown!!!! I NEED a way to get on this set! I would do just about anything for a hug from Billy Bob Thorton I think he is the Sexiest thing ALIVE!! HELP!!!

  6. Found out about where to submit to too late, story of my life. Two of the actors i respect most in Hollywood are filming in my backyard and i can’t even get to be an extra as wallpaper! Sidenote- In my 5 past film experiences i was typecast as a policeman now guess what? My acting teacher is cast in this one as a (duh) policeman!!! Must be a speaking role. That’s how the system works.
    Oh well i’m always a day late and too short or too tall too young too olf etc…
    Yeah Cedartown anyway!

  7. I sent my picture resume in anyway…and they have 1 more day of filming so we’ll see if a miracle can happen….

  8. Well, it’s the 2nd day of shooting and haven’t got to see Billy Bob Thornton! but i got to see Robert duvall…love him! but Thornton is sexy!

    • That’s weird Kathy since Billy Bob is directed an dwrote this looks like he’d be “directing” Robert Duvall????
      Ps I submitted fro extra work and still nothing But I won’ty give up.

      • Sorry i didn’t spell some words right i wrote in a hurry BUT anyway, i hope you all get some screen time as extras as i have some cool stories through the years doing extra work- I “almost” got speaking parts but they are usually cast way before the public even knows about it but I did get some screen time thanks to the great Sidney Poitier!

  9. Never give up. My daughter worked on it today and will be again tomorrow. Turns out she was prebooked. Keep on trying. Anything is possible.

  10. Never give up. My daughter worked on it today and will be again tomorrow. Turns out she was pre-booked. Keep on trying. Anything is possible.


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