More fans meet Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer on the set of ‘White Collar’

Our mission at OLV is pretty simple. We help readers swap information about where celebs are filming, or hanging out, so that other fans can take those tips and head out to (hopefully) have a celebrity sighting of their own. And, in a perfect world, those readers will then send us a follow up report sharing their photos and stories so we can share them with everyone else.

However it doesn’t always work out so smoothly.

That’s why we were so excited when we received the above photo from Skylar, Kyra, and Sammi with a note reading, “We meet Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay off your information on White Collar Filming! They were incredibly nice and we’re so happy we got the chance to meet them because of you! Thank you all for giving us the information in order to see them! Your site is AMAZING!”

The cool thing about their meeting is that the original tip about where White Collar would be filming yesterday (the tip that helped them meet Tim and Matt) was sent to us by a few different readers (including Toma and Christine) who spotted signs for White Collar earlier in the week!

We just love it when a plan comes together!

As for where you can find White Collar tomorrow, they will be filming on Beekman St all day. And, according to the New York Public library, the show has also recently scouted the library for a shoot that will be happening very soon!

Thanks again to our tipsters, Toma and Christine, and Skylar, Kyra, and Sammi for sharing their photo (which we love)! And if you want to join in by contributing a tip or set report, remember you can always reach us at!


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