‘The Three Stooges’ moves from Big Poppa’s House to the Margaret Mitchell House

For more than a week we had been reporting that The Three Stooges was filming at 490 West Paces Ferry in Atlanta, but little did we know at the time, the house also has ties to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Come to find out, the house (which is really more of a mansion) is owned by developer Lee Najjar, better known to RHOA fans as Kim’s ex, BIG POPPA! He apparently no longer lives in the home, which features nine-bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 7 kitchens, 2 gyms, a ballroom, a recording studio, a hair/nail salon, a cigar room, a theater and a pool, and currently has it listed for the firesale price of $19.9 million. Guess Kim wasn’t kidding when she would brag about how rich Big Poppa is!

You can see a photo of Sean Hayes and Will Sasso outside the house in the photo above courtesy of Andrew Snook.

But, the cast and crew have moved on and are now filming on Peachtree St, near the Margaret Mitchell House. Crews began building storefront facades on Peachtree early last week though filming didn’t actually begin at the location until Wednesday.

Yesterday they shot a scene where Hayes was wearing a sandwich board and apparently, at some point, one of the stooges got hit by a bus too.  In this update of the classic series, Chris Diamantopoulos plays Moe, Hayes plays Larry, and Sasso is Curly.

You can see the set being constructed and three actors shooting a scene in the photos below, which were sent to us by one of our readers, Mark. You can also see the three actors in “action” in the YouTube video at the bottom of the post.

And remember, if you spot The Three Stooges filming in Atlanta, you can let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. I would be nice to see Cher filming a cameo as well as Mel Gibson as Shemp and last by the great Clint Eastwood as ‘Dirty’ Harry Callaghan he will encounter against the Three Stooges will be funny interesting enough to see it happen.

  2. Ahhhh!!! Is this a joke?? Sasso doesn’t look anything like Curly!! They didn’t even attempt to give him the same hairline!! (which would have been quite easy and would have helped a great deal by the way) I mean the guy is already towering over Larry and Moe which is ridiculous, you’d think the makeup department would at least make an effort to get him looking right. He just looks like Will Sasso/Baby Hughie in a tight fitting costume. LAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!!!!!


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