Sienna Miller begins filming ‘Just Like A Woman’ in Chicago on June 20

According to Reel Chicago, the independent film Just Like A Woman begins filming for three weeks in Chicago on June 20, 2011.

The movie stars Sienna Miller as a Chicago housewife who goes to Las Vegas to participate in a belly dancing competition.

Just Like A Woman was originally expected to film entirely in New Mexico, but now, according to this casting call, they may only spend a few days in New Mexico next month.

Be on the look out for the movie filming in Chicago, and be sure to let us know if you spot them at!

[Thanks Aaron]


  1. “Just Like A Woman” is filming today on Ashland Avenue in Chicago between Division St./Chicago Ave. today until 11pm.

  2. They are filming Just Like a Woman as I write this!!! They are right outside my kitchen window!!!! The entire cast and crew are at the catering truck… (I know the owner of the catering business) I was totally unaware of any filming to take place here, how exciting!! This is a mobile home park, Guerine and Company at Division and 47th Street Melrose Park Il. 60160

    The filming is on Lark and Eagle streets.

  3. They are filming the movie in Melrosepark in my friends house riht now….
    i was in his house friday and people came in to fix up the house….
    they are fioming like one block away and they have blocked a whole street


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