In Photos: Will Smith and Josh Brolin filming ‘Men in Black 3’ in NYC

On Saturday Will Smith and Josh Brolin spent the day filming scenes for Men In Black 3 outside of the Chrysler Building on Lexington Ave in New York City.

We had several readers send in photos of the shoot which involved hundreds of extras dressed in ’60s garb and dozens of classic cars. In the movie, Josh Brolin plays a young Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones’ character), which explains the retro costumes and cars.

Check out a few photos of the shoot below and remember, if you have a report or photos from a set you’ve visited, let us know at!

Tyrone sent us this first set of photos including a few great shots of Will Smith!

[nggallery id=301]

Thanks to Stu for these shots from the set.

[nggallery id=302]

Steve took these pics, adding, “They were very nice and let me take some¬†pictures. In the scene I saw them shooting, Will Smith crossed the street into a waiting Cadillac. He spoke with someone at his car and then pulled into traffic. As you can see from the photos this scene is set in the past. The cars were all vintage, the extras dressed in 60’s garb, even the street signs were changed to yellow with black writing the way they used to be.”

[nggallery id=303]

Finally, a fourth reader who asked to remain anonymous sent us a few more shots of the cars and props used in Saturday’s shoot.

[nggallery id=304]


  1. hi my car was 1 of the many cars used on this day of you have anymore pics that you can post or e mail to me thnx


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