Morgan Freeman begins filming ‘Summer at Dog Dave’s’ in Greenwood Lake, NY on July 11th

A new movie starring Morgan Freeman, Virginia Madsen, and Kenan Thompson, entitled Summer At Dog Dave’s, is set to begin shooting in Greenwood Lake, NY this summer.

The movie follows a disabled author (Freeman) whose drinking is preventing him from being able to write until a new neighbor (Madsen) befriends him and inspires him to start writing again.

Greenwood Lake is located about 50 miles north of New York City on the Appalachian Trail and is a popular destination for weddings, water recreation and hiking.

Rob Reiner will direct the movie which will be shot in Greenwood Lake from July 11 to August 15.

Thanks to Lisa at the Water Stone Inn for the head’s up. If you spot them filming, be sure to let us know at!


  1. They are indeed here in our Village, the Best Little Village in Orange County. We here in Greenwood Lake are not star struck as we have seen many famous people come here and some live here. Rob Reiner shot here on Thursday and most of us “locals” were used as Extra’s. Mr. Reiner was a fantastic person. It was very hot and very humid and this man sat on a curb to take a break and people were asking him to take pictures. He did and each person sat on the curb next to him and he was more than happy to take pictures. He asked names and for me personally, having my two teenage girls there, he asked what grade they were in, and my middle one informed him she was going to St. Thomas Aquinas in the Fall and studying Special Education and he was talking to her about how important this was. Then he asked my youngest daughter and she stated she was a Senior in Tuxedo High School, but was gong to look at Quinnipiaq (sp) in the summer because she wanted to study Kenisiology. He laughed and asked her what that was and she told him and he said, “you see your never to old to learn new things” . He was just wonderful. Having been a Morgan Freeman fan for many years, way before his talents caught up with the many who just know his name, I am thrilled he is coming here. I would love to meet him just to hear his fantastic, melodic voice say “HELLO ANNMARIE”, I personally would be star struck.

    We thank them for shooting here in THE BEST LITTLE VILLAGE IN ORANGE COUNTY (NY) and we hope you enjoy your stay.

  2. i didn’t know thw shooting was starting Thursday…..just happened upon it on my way to Post Office……got my camera and was able to get some nice close-ups of Mr. Reiner filming.

    film people and towns people had respect for each other and Police did an excellant job.

    i feel very proud of our Village, it having been chosen for this movie

    margie dzerk

  3. I was the location manager on two of Rob’s movies. The Bucket List and Alex and Emma. Both were filmed in Los Angeles. I retired from location managing, but I look back on my experience
    with Mr. Reiner. One of the great guys in the business. He is kind and generous and a director that will include you in the process of his movie. His producer Alan Greisman also a a wonderful guy. With the both of them it is the project. I miss them but wish them well.
    Just so much fun.

  4. When I tried to check out the filming, i was turned away because i don’t live on that street. The film crew person was nice about it, but i hope the production company is paying the police officer who was standing there, not Greeenwood Lake taxpayers.

  5. I live in the Greenwood Lake City, but I am from Brazil. I saw last week Morgan Freeman arriving where thwy all are making the movie. I really wish take one picture with him. I know he went to Rio (Brazil) to help poor children, and we Brazilians love Morgan Freeman movies!

  6. We’re not really “star struck” people, but I was able to observe some of the behind the scenes work being done in preparation of what must have been someone falling off a boat. I walk my dog at the old town beach and came across two men in the water in waders picking up rocks, sticks, etc. and obviously cutting branches from lakeside trees so as to not get in the way of camera takes. Sure enough a few days later there were two trucks, many cars, and even a couple of porta potties at that same spot. Didn’t look for or see any of the actors or Rob Reiner, but we’ll make sure we go and see that movie when it comes out, if not just to recognize our dog’s walking trail.

  7. Shoooting wrapped up! Everyone was wonderful and Greenwood Lake fokls had funs with the whole experience. In fact, Monday night the Mayor presented production staff with gifts and gave Rob Reiner the key to the Village! GWL is a beautiful location for shooting movies, hopefully more people will choose to film there.


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