UPDATED Monday, July 11 & Tuesday, July 12: Filming Locations in Atlanta, L.A., NYC, & more including The Walking Dead, Dexter, & The Sitter

Here’s a look at what’s filming on location Monday, July 11 AND Tuesday, July 12:

*IMPORTANT: I’ll be traveling on Monday and Tuesday so I have included all locations that I have for both days (so far) here. BUT, I will be updating this post Monday morning, Monday night, and Tuesday morning as I receive more information for both days so please keep checking back. Also, if you have information to share, please add it to the comments below, thanks!

Filming in Atlanta:

American Reunion is filming at Newton High School in Covington, GA on Monday & Tuesday

The Walking Dead is filming at Newnan High School in Newnan, GA (between 7 p.m. and 3-4 a.m.) on Monday & Tuesday.

UPDATE: Jayne Mansfield’s Car is filming around Buck Creek Market on High Falls Rd in High Falls GA on Monday and Tuesday.

Filming in Boston:

I Hate You Dad, starring Adam Sandler, moves to Cape Cod on Monday. Trucks and Catering signs spotted around Osterville, MA for filming on Monday. They have also been prepping to shoot in Barnstable.

UPDATE: I Hate You Dad is filming on Osterville this week. Base camp/staging area/crew parking/etc is set up at the school in Hyannis. (Thanks @garrettaudio)

UPDATE: Ted is in Medford, MA Monday night, right off Wellington T stop (Orange line).

Filming in Los Angeles, CA:

Think Like A Man is filming on 639 S. Spring St (Monday, 7:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M., Tuesday, 12:00 P.M. – 2:00 A.M.).

• The Drew Peterson Story is filming at 1100 Avenue 64 in Pasadena on Monday.

• Jane By Design is filming at 1133 Rosemont Ave in Pasadena on Monday.

More As The Story Develops is filming at 550 S Hope St (5:00 A.M. – 12:00 A.M.) on Monday and Tuesday.

Touch, staring Kiefer Sutherland and DannyGlover, is filming in downtown L.A. on Monday and Tuesday. (Via @goforlocation)

Dexter is filming around Reseda Blvd & Superior St in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

The Closer is filming on 2nd St, Alameda St.- Vignes St. and  Hewitt St, 1st St. – 3rd St. (7:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.) on Tuesday.

Californication is filming around S Venice Blvd and Dell Ave in Venice on Monday.

The Sing Off is filming Under 6th St Bridge at Santa Fe Ave and Mesquit St and Under 4th St Bridge at Santa Fe Ave (7:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.) on Tuesday.

NCIS: L.A. is filming around  E Ocean Blvd & La Verne Ave, Long Beach on Monday.

UPDATE: NCIS: LA will be at the same location on Tuesday, E Ocean Blvd and La Verne Ave.

UPDATE: 90210 is filming in front of Battaglia on Rodeo Drive on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Shameless is filming around Sunset Blvd & N El Centro Ave on Tuesday.

Filming in New Mexico:

The Avengers is filming at Albuquerque Studios all week. They have also been spotted filming on location around town the last few days so be on the look out! FYI: We saw a tweet on Monday that The Avengers crew was spotted in Cleveland, OH!

Odd Thomas is filming at/around Pecos School, Panther Parkway in Pecos, NM on Monday.

UPDATE: Odd Thomas is filming around E Palace Ave & Cienega St, Santa Fe, NM on Tuesday.

Filming in New Orleans:

Fire With Fire is filming around S Claiborne Ave & Versailles Blvd New Orleans, LA on Monday.

UPDATE: Fire With Fire is filming at Transcontinental Dr & Argonne St in Metairie, LA on Tuesday.

Filming in New York City, NY:

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is filming around Central Park West and 75th/76th. Signs also spotted on the other side of the park around 5th Ave and 72nd, so it sounds like they are filming in Central Park, all signs for Monday. (Thanks @sheragirl)

UPDATE: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is filming at Eastern Parkway and Plaza St E in Brooklyn AND at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Building 77) on Tuesday.

Royal Pains is filming around West Neck Beach, Lloyd Harbor, NY on Monday.

UPDATE: Royal Pains is filming at the West Neck Beach again on Tuesday.

White Collar is filming around Claremont Ave and 120th-122nd in NYC on Monday and Tuesday. (Thanks @brewsternorth)

The Wedding is still filming a private home on Standwich Road in Greenwich, CT on Monday and Tuesday.

Boardwalk Empire is filming in studio (Steiner Studios) on Monday.

UPDATE: Boardwalk Empire is filming at Steiner Studios again on Tuesday.

•   HBO’s Girls is filming in studio (Steiner Studios) on Monday

Lola Vs. is filming around Orchard and Broome St in NYC on Monday.

UPDATE: Lola Vs. is filming at the same location on Tuesday (Orchard and Broome St).

The Sitter, starring Jonah Hill, is filming (reshoots) around Forest Park Dr and Woodhaven Blvd in Queens on Monday and Tuesday night. FYI: They are also filming in studio both days (Broadway Stages, Brooklyn). (Thanks Billy & Annie)

Summer At Dog Dave’s, starring Morgan Freeman, is filming around Elm St and Windermere Ave, Greenwood Lake, NY on Monday.

FYI: For Gossip Girl we’ve heard they will be in studio (Silvercup) all week.

UPDATE: The Dictator is filming at the Palace Hotel (Madison at 50th St) in NYC on Monday. Megan Fox will be on set!

UPDATE: The Dictator is filming around 30th and 5th/Broadway on Tuesday.

Filming in Cleveland:

Fun Size is filming in downtown Cleveland on Monday and Tuesday night.

UPDATE: Exact location for Fun Size shoot is on W.9th and St. Clair. (Thanks @beautyfoodie)

Filming in Toronto:

Cosmopolis continues filming in Toronto for one more week. We’ve heard they might be in studio (Pinewoods) all week. To discuss the movie with other fans, check out our Open Thread. Also, we’ve heard they may be filming in NYC after wrapping in Toronto for a few days so keep an eye out there too!

Total Recall filming at UTSC on Monday.

Filming in Detroit:

Have A Little Faith continues filming in Detroit. We’ve heard they would be filming at Cliff Bell soon, let us know if you spot them!

Also, Freaky Deaky has started filming around Detroit, on Friday they were filming in downtown Rochester, MI. They will be filming at this Detroit mansion soon too. Let us know if you spot them!

UPDATE: Freaky Deaky is filming at Cass and Selden St on Monday.

AWOL begins filming in Ann Arbor on Monday, let us know if you spot them!

Filming in Wilmington:

UPDATE: One Tree Hill is filming at “a couple of central business district spots in downtown Wilmington” Tuesday afternoon.

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Thanks to @Sandy_CH for sharing this photo she took with Will Smith on the set of MIB 3 in NYC!


  1. Hope everyone sees my note in the post, we’ll be traveling the next couple of days but i will continue to update this post so pls keep checking back.

  2. Also, lots of stuff begins filming this week:
    The Good Wife (NYC)
    Vampire Diaries (Atlanta)
    One Tree Hill (Wilmington)
    Supernatural (Vancouver) started last week
    90210 (L.A.)
    House of Lies (L.A.)
    Desperate Housewives (L.A.)
    AWOL *stars Liam Hemsworth (Ann Arbor)
    and a few others so pls be on the look out for info on these too — looks like we’re getting back into the full swing of things!

  3. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that my cousin works on the set of the dictator and I asked him about the rumors of megan filming this week… He told me that its supposed 2 be a scene with her stunt double and megan won’t be filming till august.. I was pretty bummed out when i heard this.. just wanted 2 let ya all know..

  4. Ted is filming tonight 7/11. Got notice they are looking for High End Cars (Mercedes, BMW, etc). Shoot will start later tonight and go into the early hours of the morning. If anyone has any info on location, pls reply.

  5. So I brought the iPad along and thought I could work all the way to Toronto but of course as soon as we hit Canadian border lost internet since we don’t have international plan for iPad…so much for that.. I was able to
    Tweet all updates and will add above when we get back to hotel tonight ..

    Please check twitter though updates for jayne mansfield’s car OTH eastbound and down head shot and more:


  6. According to jcist.com surviving family is filming at satis bistro in jersey city.

    There are signs for the dictator on 3oth st again

    Espn is filming a commercial in jc studios in Brooklyn this week

  7. OK, we’re going to the U2 show in Toronto tonight so I’ll only have my phone which means any updates etc I’ll send out via twitter if you want to check there occasionally or send me info there…


    Hope everyone’s staying cool!

    • Yesterday I saw a casting call for softball spectators for GG for Wed 7/13. Have no idea where they would normally film something like that — Central Park??

      • On set on the 7th they said they would be filming in the studio all week, but the signs are they for casting call or filming? Any ideas?

  8. Does anyone know until when Megan will be in NYC? And when and where she’s going to start shooting Apatow’s movie?

    • Although the pilot was shot here, Prime Suspect is being filmed in LA, not NYC, as are several other pilots that were shot here.
      Monday was the first day of prep for SVU, and filming should start in a week or two, according to the extras casting director.

  9. Update– total recall is filming at the Toronto convention centre we were there about an hour ago looks like filming this afternoon– trailers on blue jays way and w front st

    Prob won’t be able to update anything for a couple hrs — so pls leave Any updates here thanks!!

  10. Update– total recall is filming at the Toronto convention centre we were there about an hour ago looks like filming this afternoon– trailers on blue jays way and w front st
    Prob won’t be able to update anything for a couple hrs — so pls leave Any updates here thanks!!

  11. is morgan freemans movie still filming upstate tomorrow ? i saw they were in greenwood lake on monday and i am curious if they will still be around. ?

  12. What is filming in New Orleans on Wednesday july 13 2011? Also is Josh Duhmal and Bruce Willis still filming in Meterie,LA?

  13. Anyone know what is filming in Duxbury, MA? Lots of yellow Crew Signs everywhere, especially a mansion on the water, and “downtown”. Thanks!


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