First confirmed filming location for ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 2 in NYC!

As we’ve reported, Blue Bloods is set to begin filming during the week of August 18, and thanks to one of our twitter followers, @IAm_ECHELON, we already have Tuesday’s location!

According to this sign posted in Manhattan, Blue Bloods will be filming around W 45th/46th and 9th/10th Ave on Tuesday, July 19th.

Of course, Donnie Wahlberg is still on tour with NKOTBSB so we’re not sure how much he’ll be on set. But the shooting schedule will continue as normal until the tour ends next month, with the show working around Donnie’s schedule as needed.

If you spot Blue Bloods filming in NYC, let us know at!


  1. Can someone please tell me where the Friends with Benefits premiere in NYC is for Monday?Is it at the Ziegfiled or Lincoln Center?

  2. I am trying to plan a trip to NYC and I only want to go when i can watch BLUE BLOODS (donnie wahlberg) 2011 is filming. i dont not know where else to do research! NKOTBSB tour will be over this week. ANYONE know when i should come down to visit the city?

  3. we have the filming locations everyday– you can check our daily filming locations– shortcuts posted in right side columnr

  4. Blue Bloods is my favourite show and I’m going to be in NYC August 11-13 and would LOVE to catch it being filmed. Does anyone know if/where they’ll be filming those days?

    • If you check the upcoming locations at the top of the page, Christine has a location for 8/11 in Forest Hills, Queens, nothing yet for Friday and they don’t film on weekends.

  5. hi, i’m looking at coming over to NYC from the UK to see (hopefully anyway) donnie filming Blue Bloods.
    will they still be filming this then? also – how can we find out where they will be?
    i’m guessing we will have to take taxi’s etc to these locations, as we dont have a clue..
    lol thank you

  6. Blue Bloods coming back to Astoria. Will be returning to the Jackson Hole Diner tomorrow Dec 8th @ Astoria Blvd. Filming between 6am-11pm

  7. does anyone know if blue bloods is still filming or if they will be filming between Christmas and New Years? Trying to plan a trip to NY but want to schedule it when I can catch filming so its not practical to check the day I head up there as I have an 8 hour or so drive and need to plan in advance. So, if anyone knows if they’re filming between Christmas and New Years or whether they’re on a break, please consider sharing the info – I can check locations when I get there if I know they will be filming. Thanks in advance!

  8. does anyone know when blue bloods begins filming the next season? (approximately of course) – it seems like every time I get the chance to travel to NY its during a break lol

    • hearing mixed reported will def be filming by mid aug as for dec yes they shoul d be filming the first two weeks


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