‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Pittsburgh Filming Locations Open Thread

The Dark Knight Rises will be heading to Pittsburgh next week so we figured there was no better time to dedicate a comments thread to the film which will allow PA movie fans (or those planning to travel to check out the set) to help each other track the movie down!

In the past, Pittsburgh fans have shared tips to help track the movies Abduction and The Perks of Being A Wallflower via our Open Threads so we’re hoping we can duplicate that success with TDKR when it arrives in town!

The Dark Knight Rises is tentatively scheduled to film in Pittsburgh between July 28 and Aug. 21.

Here are the locations we know for sure (so far):

The Dark Knight Rises is set to film at CMU on July 30 & 31 AND August 3 & 4.

UPDATE: Street closures for the CMU shoot begin on July 25, but filming will not take place until July 30.

They are prepping to film a scene at Rock Airport, but the date has not been confirmed yet. One of our readers, @NikiMarieR spotted black and yellow MR (the film’s working title is Magnus Rex) signs pointing to the airport on July 16!

UPDATE: The Rock Airport shoot should take place around July 28 & July 29.

On August 6, they are filming a big football game scene at Heinz Field, which you can be a part of! Get all of the details here.

Batman 3 is also filming in downtown Pittsburgh between August 10- August 20. Street closures will include Oliver Ave, Cherry Way, and Smithfield St.

There has also been activity at a local studio, as well as a first sighting of the Batmobile in PA!

Also, Nancy Mosser Casting is currently handling registration for extras as well, you can find more information here.

Be on the lookout for more Dark Knight Rises filming locations around Pittsburgh in the coming weeks and discuss the latest sightings with other fans below!


  1. So, for those of you on twitter, there are a few verified accounts you might want to follow:
    Joey King- @joeylittleking
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt- @hitrecordjoe
    Michael Caine -@themichaelcaine

    You can follow me too! 🙂 @NikiMarieR …and you should definitely follow the “on location vacations” twitter account: @olv

  2. Hi Amy- Those signs near Pittsburgh Mills should lead to the Rock Airport where they should be filming scenes this week on 6/28 & 6/29. That airport is on the border of Rural Ridge & West Deer. You have to follow Little Deer Creek Road for a while to get there. I think it intersects with 28, by a Texaco gas station …

  3. Hi Esmeralda-
    They will start filming July 28, this Thursday. 🙂 Their first location should be the Rock airport. They have been preparing that location for a few weeks. To get there, follow the yellow/black “MR” signs. There are some near the Pittsburgh Mills mall.

  4. Press conference at noon tomorrow with Mayor Luke, & Batman actors, producers, etc. The Mayor is welcoming them to Pittsburgh. Also, the Batman signal is up tonight on Fifth avenue place downtown.

  5. Couple of things:
    1) according to @FollowPghFilms on twitter, there is some activity on 41st street in Lawrencville
    2) Starting to doubt that Rock airport will be the first filming location for DKR…but if someone lives close to it and could check it out…that would be really great…?
    3)) New announcement regarding Base Camp on Bigelow Blvd. in Oakland for the CMU shoot: Closure Of Bigelow Boulevard From Fifth Avenue to Forbes Avenue – Base Camp Parking – Feature Film W
    Effective: 7/28/2011 to 8/5/2011
    Effective Thursday, July 28, 2011 From Approximately 8:00 PM, Continuing Daily Until Friday, August 5, 2011 At Around 10:00 PM
    The City of Pittsburgh has provided multiple permits to Magnus Rex Productions, to restrict or close various streets in numerous neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh to perform feature film work for the next installation of the movie “Batman”. The first road closure affecting transit will be the closur of Bigelow Boulevard in Oakland between Fifth Avenue & Forbes Avenue for base camp parking of vehicles. Bigelow Boulevard will be closed between Fifth & Forbes from approximately 8:00 PM on Thursday evening, July 28 continuing throughout until around 10:00 PM on Friday, August 5, 2011.

  6. Not sure which actors are in town to film scenes. Only Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, and some producers attended the press conference today. Not sure if Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, or Tom Hardy will be around in Pittsburgh.

  7. *Confirmed* FILMING location for tomorrow 7/28 : At a private residence in 41st street in Lawrenceville–

    Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC) – Butler Street At & Around 41st Street – Feature Film Work –
    Effective: 7/29/2011 to 7/29/2011
    One Day
    Effective Friday, July 29, 2011 From Approximately 7:00 AM Until Around 8:00 PM (Including Rush Hour)
    The City of Pittsburgh has provided multiple permits to Magnus Rex Productions, to restrict or close various streets in numerous neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh to perform feature film work for the next installation of the movie “Batman”. The first restriction affecting transit will be the provision of Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC) on Butler Street in the neighborhood of Lawrenceville while film work occurs at a private residence on 41st Street. Pittsburgh Police will occasionally stop traffic on Butler Street in both directions on Friday, July 29, 2011 around 41st Street, from approximately 7:00 AM to around 8:00 PM, including rush hours. ITC will consist of traffic stoppages of approximately three (3) but up to five (5) minutes each time.

  8. Just spent almost 2 hours walking around Bigelow blvd. and surrounding streets with Batman trucks and chatting with security guards. The trucks I saw said either Paramount pictures, WB, or Haddads. The guards are nice, but don’t cross the barricades or they get cranky. I saw one trailer had a sign that said “Blake” on it. That is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character : Officer Blake. Also, one security guard said they are transforming the inside of the Software Engineering Institute into a jail.

  9. I am on set now. They are filming scenes with Batman and Bane fighting on the steps outside the Mellon institute. I am watching from the corner of Bellfield and Fifth avenue in Oakland. You should get here asap

  10. I believe they are filming all day in Oakland today. They need daylight,so they’ll probably wrap up around 8 tonight. They may do some inside scenes too..

  11. I believe they are filming all day in Oakland today. They need daylight,so they’ll probably wrap up around 8 tonight. They may do some inside scenes too.

  12. Any word on filming locations for tomorrow or Tuesday? I was in Oakland yesterday for about 5 hours watching the filming but I couldn’t make it today.

  13. Does anyone that signed up for Heinze field scene need/or can take 1 extra person….if one of your group cancels? I was put on standby :0(

  14. Niki- Can you post the link with the new dates here — I had saved it after you tweeted it but lost it somehow, lol, I don’t know what my problem is today! Thanks!

  15. According to Smith & Webster Davis casting after they stop filming in Pittsburgh ( August 22nd) they will be filming in L.A. through October.

    • The permits they took out with the Mayor’s Film Office in NYC say shooting through 12/30/11, so they could possibly film here after LA.

  16. @Brando-they should be filming at the Mellon Institute again in Oakland today thru and including Aug. 5th.
    @Lisa-Filming started early this morning. The Mellon Insititute has been renamed “Gotham City Hall”. There should be more jail break related scenes. Explosions are expected. Batman vs. Bane & prisoners & cops…etc. Some scenes will be shot inside.

  17. I was an extra yesterday at Heinz Field, and I have to say I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t a Batman scene :(. That was really the only reason I wanted to do it, Christian Bale is my favorite actor! I love the Dark Knight movies, don’t get met wrong. It’s just that I would’ve rather sat in the hot sun for 12 hours knowing I was “in” a scene with CBale, haha. Anyway, does anyone have a clue as to where they will be filming soon? I don’t know if this is the type of movie where they’ll let you watch them film. I just reaally wanna see Christian Bale. I know he’s the not the type to walk up to fans and get pictures and what not, but I’d still like to see him filming.

  18. Jade –
    They will be shooting today at Heinz field again. Don’t bother trying to get close to that. They have Monday & Tuesday off. From Wednesday, Aug. 10 and onwards, they will be shooting downtown Pittsburgh. See the links posted by olv above :
    Batman 3 is also filming in downtown Pittsburgh between August 10-August 20. Street closures will include Oliver Ave, Cherry Way, and Smithfield St.

  19. The chopped down the trees in front of the building where I work in downtown. The are several days scheduled on our street.

  20. This was posted by @Franktuary on twitter:

    Franktuary Franktuary by DowntownPitt
    South Siders! Truck 11:30 to 2 today, 2700 Jane Street. Wednesday both truck & downtown store closed, transformed into Gotham orphanage

  21. Gotham Police Dept. & Swat vehicle spotted “in the 11th and Smallman Street Parking Lot.” in downtown Pittsburgh. Via @Liz_Simpson on Twitter.

  22. Does anyone know whether the Downtown filming will primarily be daytime or nighttime shoots or a mixture? I’m thinking that it will be daytime, since a Post-Gazette photo showed them setting up a shot in the afternoon. They’ve had a lot of daytime shooting for a Batman film. If they’re going to be doing a big action sequence with fighting and explosions, I have to assume it will be after dark, right?

  23. The wife was an extra today and was told that both Bale and Hathaway are gone and will not be back in town for a couple weeks. This makes sense as Bale was seen leaving his hotel with luggage last Saturday morning.

  24. I guess I’ll fill you in on what happened to me today.
    So…got a bus to go downtown at about 9 AM. When my group got there were used the streets everyone has suggested and immediately saw a scene being filmed. We saw JGL, the batmobile, and a huge truck thing. There was snow and it was grand. The PA’s were nice and let us watch from the Parking Garages to have a better view.
    We got lunch after that and then went back to “creep.” Everyone was superduper strict and we weren’t able to see much. We walked and walked and walked and caught glimpses of a few chase scenes…but that’s about it.
    We were about to head home when a production guy stops us and says, “You waiting for Batman? I’m not supposed to say anything, but they’re bringing him in to film around 5. You never saw me.” Then he left. So we stayed a little bit longer hoping to see CBale, but no such luck. We saw Gary Oldman, Christopher Nolan…and some mercenaries. That’s about it.

  25. Batman moved to Penn Avenue today. There have been closures on Penn between 9th & 10th. Exchange Way between 9th & 10th is closed. Garrison Place is also closed – pedestrians are being detoured. This is to be in place until 5 am Saturday. After this weekend, filming will be completed in Pittsburgh.
    Source: post-gazette.com, and I live in Pittsburgh. I haven’t gone to any filmings, because I’m 8 months pregnant & can’t handle the mobs. But those who I’ve talked to that have gone have said there’s a lot of people, things are very strict, and it’s hard to get pics. Friends of mine have seen plenty of stunt doubles, but none of the actors.


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