How to meet celebrities at ‘The Daily Show’ in NYC

We’ve always touted The Late Show with David Letterman as one of the best spots in NYC (maybe the world) to see celebrities, but now we may start ranking The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a close second.

Like The Late Show, celebrities arrive at The Daily Show about an hour before taping at a side door where fans can wait and (hopefully) take photos or get autographs from the stars. Plus, because the studio is a bit more isolated, there tends to be a smaller crowd than there usually is for Letterman.

One of our contributors, Denise, checked out the studio on June 29, when Tom Hanks was appearing on the show, and here’s what she found:

The Daily Show was a very good spot. The stage door is on 51st St, just west of 11th Ave. This was my first time going over there, so I can’t say it’s always like this, but considering Tom Hanks is a pretty big star, I’d say it’s a good indicator of what it’ll be like for most guests. I think the fact that it’s a more remote location than Letterman helped a lot. Since it’s way over on the west side there’s not a lot of traffic or people walking by. The crowd itself was relatively small too. The whole atmosphere seemed more relaxed compared to Letterman too. I was able to stand outside of the barricades and no one told me to move. Another good aspect is the fact that they tape later in the day (5:30/5:45 til 6:30/6:45) so people that work during the day have a chance to see something.

The Daily Show tapes Monday- Thursday. You can find a schedule of what guests will be appearing on the show each week at

Thanks to Denise for the info and photos!


  1. where online is there a list of WHEN stuff is filmed for talk shows? Someone told me interbridge but it seems to be wrong for actual filming days and only showing viewing days. For example, I know Justin Timberlake was filming a show on Monday b/c I know people who went, but it says like today that it is.

    • each show posts their schedule on their website they are very easy to find, just google the show you are looking for

    • Letterman tapes 2 shows on Mondays. Normally they tape the Monday show first, followed by the Friday show. This summer, however, they are showing re-runs on Fridays so they tape the Thursday show on Mondays. When I’m walking by the stage door around 5:00-5:30 I can usually catch them leaving. However, if it’s someone you really want to see you should get there earlier. I’m not exactly sure on arrival times, but I’d say getting there around 3:00 would be good. Since they tape 2 shows on Monday, they start them about an hour earlier than the Tues & Wed shows. I only know how Letterman works, for the other shows, it’s best to try to google info or go there and ask people. I know Fallon tapes in the afternoon/late afternoon too.

  2. where is the letterman show taped? I wanna try again to actually get a picture with Emma Stone. Also is it easier to get something signed before or after the show?

    • on Broadway Between West 53rd and West 54th Streets– probably better to go before show, get there early though for a good spot…

      • What time should I get there for an almost guaranteed shot at meeting the guest? Also, do they tape on the date the show airs, for example I want to see Emma Stone on July 17th, is that the date I should go?


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