OLV Featured Reader: Michelle tracks down celebs at Cons, Signings, and on the streets of NYC

In the latest edition of our “Featured Reader” series, Michelle in New York shares a few of her favorite celeb photos and experiences:

That week (3.21.11) was the first time I’d even heard of White Collar; a friend of mine insisted that I watch it since it was supposedly my style. So I did, and I loved it, and a few days later I was browsing OLV (looking for Ringer locations, actually) when I saw that White Collar filmed not only in my city, but in my own neighborhood. I was very polite to the various set people and asked them questions like “where would be the best place to stand?,” “do you think Matt Bomer would take a picture with me?,” etc. I had only been waiting ten minutes when I saw him emerge and I went over to him and asked for a picture. He not only took one with me, but he asked his friend, who took the picture, to take a second shot, this time with me standing on the incline of the curb so I wouldn’t seem so absurdly short. He was really sweet, and this was probably one of my favorite celeb sightings ever!

Michelle met Charisma Carpenter at I-Con at SUNY Stony Brook in March 2010:

I’ve been a fan of Charisma’s ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I actually found out that she was appearing at that convention on a few hours’ notice. I was really tired as I’d just come from a concert the night before, but I knew I absolutely had to go, so I grabbed a bag of stuff and headed out to the Long Island Railroad with a friend of mine who I’d persuaded to wake up early. The convention was really disorganized and I had a hard time finding her autograph station until signing time was over, so I sat through her entire Q&A (nearly, I might add, missing my train in the process). Then I ran over to her and got this picture!

I know, I know. But I actually love Miley Cyrus and I always have! When I found out she was doing a signing in New York (at the Bryant Park Barnes & Noble on 3.5.09) I freaked out and decided I absolutely had to be there. However, I also learned that people were lining up to get wristbands for the signing at, like, six AM. Which was not okay by me. So I sent my sister out on a mission to go get a wristband, and then we’d see what we could do. (This I exchanged for two weeks’ worth of dog-walking services. I think it was worth it.) We proceeded to cut the wristband off her arm and tape it nondescriptly onto my wrist, and after school, I went right to B&N and moved through the line like nothing was up! Except for the part where I was freaking out, because, you know. Miley Cyrus. *swoon*

After a convention, Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was selling tickets to a dinner with him at Mustang Harry’s Restaurant. This was not something I was prepared to spend $100 on, but my mom was, and all of a sudden I was in a brand-new situation for me: having dinner — no, wait, having a conversation with someone famous. As many famous people as I’ve met (and there have been a lot), this was something I’d never done before. I was even more horrified to learn that many of the people there already knew him, and had met him at various conventions. But by being relatively quiet, and the youngest one there (that day was my seventeenth birthday), I think I managed to charm him at least a little, because at the end of the night he gave me a birthday hug and wished me a great year. Oh, and can I just say? His Snoopy dance is totally worth the $100.

Michelle Tom Felton with her friend Diana in May:

This was at a recent convention — Big Apple Wizard World Comic Con— and honestly it was just a normal old photo op. Tom Felton was very sweet and noticed that I was wearing a HARRY POTTER: THE EXHIBITION shirt, so he asked how it was and whether it was worth spending his last day in New York there. (Of course, I told him it was. And then resisted the urge to go there again myself. I am not creepy, I swear.) It was a lot of fun, though!

As you can see, Michelle definitely has some good tips for other fans! For instance, sometimes those more expensive celeb “experiences” (like dinner with Nicholas Brendon) can be worth it, especially if your birthday is coming up and can convince someone to make it a birthday present!

Also, as we all know, even though cons and book/CD signings can be a lot of waiting in line (and, let’s be honest, are sometimes kind of lame) they are a surefire way to meet a favorite celebrity, especially if you are willing to pay the premium for a photo or autograph.

Creation Entertainment hosts several events like these across the country for various shows and movies (like Supernatural and Twilight) where you can pay for a photo op. You can find a schedule of their upcoming events here.

Thanks again to Michelle for sharing her story and photos! We love hearing from our readers! If you would like to be one of our featured readers, let us know at olv@onlocationvacations.com!



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