‘Dexter’ Comic-Con 2011 Panel Wrap-Up w/ photos, videos, & the season 6 trailer!

At last night’s Showtime Comic-Con 2011 Panel, the cast of Dexter was coy about the upcoming season, but we did get a first look at the season 6 trailer and a preview of an upcoming Dexter Facebook game by Marc Ecko.

Ralph Garman introduced the panel, including Michael C. Hall (Dexter), C.S. Lee (Forensic specialist Masuka), David Zayas (Detective Angel Batista), James Remar (Harry Morgan), and this year’s guest star Colin Hanks (Travis Marshall), along with executive producers Sara Colleton and Scott Buck.

As the panel discussion opened, Colin Hanks said that he feels lucky to be on this year’s show. And Michael C. Hall discussed the trials and tribulations of working with the two 2-year olds who play young Harrison, especially since they’ve learned to embrace the word “No”. He also mentioned that Dexter would begin to focus on finding a moral and religious foundation for his son this year.

C.S. Lee said Masuka will be getting a few interns this season, which is sure to lead to nothing but trouble.

But the highlights of the panel came from the audience questions which provided some comic relief from the sometimes heavy subject matter of the show, even if it did come at the expense of the question-askers (like the poor girl who called C.S. Lee “C.S. Lewis” and the guy who asked if The Trinity Killer would be back).

Another favorite awkward moment came when someone asked Colleton if they would tie in any more of the Dexter book series into the show to which she basically replied, “We don’t read the books.”

Hall was also asked about filming in Long Beach, CA, which is their primary filming location (it doubles for Miami in the show), to which he replied that they had “pretty much sucked the marrow out of Long Beach [as a location].”

Another highlight of the panel was a special audience question from Mos Def, who plays a character this season named Brother Sam. He then joined the panel.

The real highlight for us though was getting to attend the Dexter party at the Omni Hotel later that evening which was also attended by the Dexter cast, along with William H. Macy (who stars in the Showtime series Shameless) and Morena Baccarin (who stars int he upcoming Showtime series Homeland).

You can see our photos from the panel below, along with video of the first part of the panel via YouTube (our video is taking forever to load), and the season 6 trailer.

Dexter Season 6 premieres this Sunday, October 2nd on Showtime. Are you as excited as we are?


  1. So…is Dexter done rockin the scruffy look? Because he looks like he’s slowly morphing into David Fisher. Scuffy Dexter is the best Dexter!

    It also speaks volumes that Jennifer Carpenter wasn’t on the panel this year. That would have been awkward as hell.

  2. Yes! I meant to mention the fact that Jennifer wasn’t there — I can’t imagine how awkward that is on set too…that’s why you shouldnt’ date co-workers..lol


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