‘Parker’, starring Jason Statham, will film a scene in Baton Rouge Aug. 5-9

Parker, the upcoming movie starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez, begins filming in and around New Orleans on August 1st, but we’ve just learned the movie will spend a few days in Baton Rouge too.

Parker (aka Flash Fire) will be filming at Dixie Landin’, 18142 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge between August 5th and August 9th (with a day off on Aug. 7th).

The action film is an adaptation of the Donald Westlake mystery novels. Statham will play Parker, “a thief who follows a strict moral code, but a hard guy who’s willing to kill if crossed.” The intention is that the film will launch an action franchise.

Lopez will play the female lead, a character named Leslie, “who gets involved with Parker as he executes a heist”.

The shoot is expected to last for 7 weeks in NOLA. According to Louisiana Film, resumes fro crew positions may be directed to parkerresumes@gmail.com. We’ve also heard RPM Casting will be handling extras for the project.

Louisiana has attracted a record number of film projects in the past year thanks to film incentives offered by the state.

If you spot Parker filming in Louisiana, let us know about it via email at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

UPDATE: It appears this shoot was canceled, filming in Ohio on 8.5.


  1. Hi Christine. Looks like the shoot at Dixie Landin’ is off. We were supposed to be extra’s and found out this past Friday that negotiations had fallen apart and they’re now in the process of scouting another location.

  2. we seen jason filming on bourbon street on sept 1st it was really cool first time to get to see a movie being shot. Jason is an awsome actor would like to get to see more i hope they continue to make movies in the city


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