Is this where the actors will be hanging out between scenes for ‘Superman’?

One of our readers, Andrew, sent us this photo taken in Plano, IL where they are currently building sets for Man of Steel.

It appears the trailer in the photo may be used for one of the actor’s on the movie, but we’re not sure if it is currently being used, if it will stay where it is during filming, or if it is just there temporarily until they begin shooting.

Here’s what Andrew said about the pic:

Today I was taking pictures of the Superman sets in Plano, IL and I spotted this actor’s trailer in town next to Plano’s DMV just off of Route 34 behind a fence. It’s obviously a top notch/high quality trailer. It’s possible that some of the cast are hanging around in town, or the trailer may be empty and just parked there until cast members arrive next week.

Based on the photo, it looks like there might be other trucks parked there as well which makes us think they may end up using the parking lot as some kind of staging area or base camp, but it might be a bit too early to know for sure.

If you spot any signs of Superman filming in Illinois, let us know about it at!

[Thanks Andrew]



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