‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ begins filming in Michigan

Today, filming on Oz: The Great and Powerful officially gets underway at Raleigh Michigan Studios in Pontiac, MI.

The Disney movie, which is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz, stars James Franco, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams.

One of our Twitter followers, @ADDCollection, let us know that there had already been a sighting of Mila Kunis last Thursday, tweeting, “Mila Kunis was at #Starbucks in Royal Oak today.” Mila’s been keeping busy- she just wrapped Ted with Mark Wahlberg in Boston last Sunday, then headed to NYC to promote Friends With Benefits before going to straight to Michigan to start Oz.

On July 14, Mila’s co-star Abigail Spencer tweeted the first photo from the studio (which you can see above) with the hashtag “This is happening.”

We’ve heard from multiple sources that most of the movie will be shot in the studio, where they’ve been building elaborate sets for weeks, with little filming on location. But, that doesn’t mean that the the cast won’t be out and about in Michigan during their free time so be on the look out for the movie’s stars and be sure to let us know if you spot them!


    • haven’t heard of any sightings yet… he’s actually in NYC right now, but will be back in the next couple of days so be on the lookout… also Zach Braff won’t be in town until after 8.13- he’s in an off-broadway play in NYC until then…

  1. wonder if james franco and mila kunis will hookup. I’d heard rumors that they’ve dated a couple of times. Wonder if they’re true?? They’d sure look cute together. Hope someone’s keeping an eye out for them together. wonder how mila spent her B-day yesterday?

  2. Saw Mila Kunis at Lily’s in Royal Oak today. She was with a red headed girl. No one talked to her because we didn’t want to bother her and she purposely didn’t make eye contact when she realized we could tell who she was (she was hiding under a Michigan baseball cap). But it was definitely her. It was totally her voice and you can’t mistake those eyes. Also heard she was celebrating her birthday at some place in Ferndale last week..but can’t remember which one it was.

    • She ate the restaurant I work at for her birthday, Lelli’s in Auburn Hills, with people that I didn’t recognize. There’s no pictures because employees aren’t allowed to take pictures of celebrities and we gave them the private banquet room in back so they wouldn’t be disturbed. She was totally friendly and happy. 🙂

  3. Thanks JR…why isn’t anyone taking photo’s of her and her companions. It would be interesting to find out who she’s dating…or if she ever really broke up with Macauley Culkin. Supposedly, it was rumored she had a hook up with justin timberlake. But, he’s now seeing jessica biel again. So were their breakup’s simply publicity stunts to promote their movie Friends With Benefits. If that’s true it’s pretty sick.

  4. She was seen at LAX leaving LA. Supposedly, she’s been seen in Michigan since than so we can only assume she’s there. It sounds like they’ll be working there for at least the next couple of months so keep an eye out. You know the other people working on this film are Rachel Weicz, Michelle Williams, James Franco and Braff… All really good actors and good eye candy..It would be great if your media was catching up with all of them. It seems to me that would be good PR for your area.


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