Liam Hemsworth and ‘AWOL’ protestors take over downtown Ypsilanti, MI

As we reported, the movie AWOL, starring Liam Hemsworth,Teresa Palmer and Aimee Teegarden, was set to shoot protest scenes in downtown Ypsilanti, MI for three nights beginning last Thursday, but the first night of filming was canceled due to bad weather.

Lat night the shoot was back on track though and thanks to one of our readers, Bananadoc, we found out that the scene was actually a riot scene, which was blocked off by 2 old buses on Michigan Ave. The shoot included, “random gunfire, barricades of trashed furniture, and angry crowds. It was a little strange that the angry crowds, carrying banners and in very groovy 1970s outfits, were entirely silent in their rioting.” They’ll add the sound in later.

Bananadoc also mentioned that security was rumored to be a bit tighter than usual because of the presence of Liam’s girlfriend, who just happens to be Miley Cyrus!

Check out a full report and tons of pics over at Bananadoc’s website Michigan Movies and More, and if you want to check it out for yourself, they are expected back at the same location Monday night!



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