Ryan Gosling shuts down downtown Scotia, NY for “The Place Beyond The Pines”

Yesterday, Ryan Gosling drew a crowd of hundreds while shooting a bank robbery scene outside the the 1st National Bank of Scotia in Scotia, NY (outside of Albany).

The scene was for his upcoming movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, in which he plays a motorcycle stunt rider who considers robbing a bank in the early 1990’s to provide for his family prompting a cop-turned-politician (played by Bradley Cooper) to come after him.

During yesterday’s shoot, Gosling appeared to leave the scene of a heist on a dirt bike with a backpack full of money on his chest. They shot the scene several times throughout the afternoon, giving the crowd a good look at the movie’s star.

We weren’t quite as lucky on Thursday when we stopped by the movie’s base camp on Route 5 in Glenville. The scenes they shot Thursday were primarily motorcycle driving/stunt scenes with Gosling’s stunt double. Though it was rumored Gosling had been on set as well, we never saw him.

We did see them filming one driving scene in which the stunt double drove down Route 5 followed by a camera rig. They had also filmed a scene of the motorcycle driving over a bridge near Lock 9 on the Erie Canal earlier in the day.

The day’s shoot proved that film making is not nearly as glamorous as it seems. The base camp was set up in an old parking lot on Route 5 which was overgrown with weeds. If Ryan was waiting in his trailer as some fans speculated, he certainly didn’t have much of a view.

The movie will continue filming in the Schenectady, NY area through the end of September. Cooper is expected to return to the area in about three weeks (he’s currently in London) and Gosling will be around for the duration.

We also heard next week’s filming locations will include Dairy Circus.

If you spot The Place Beyond The Pines filming in upstate NY this summer, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

[Gosling photos: DailyGazette]


  1. This is all very cool and interesting. Just one thing I wish people would remember- actors have jobs to do like everyone else. Please respect their privacy and space, and when asked to stay quiet during a shoot, stay quiet. Seeing people act like children makes everyone flinch and we’ll all enjoy this more if we follow the rules. Enjoy the ride! 🙂

  2. It really is very exciting. I live just outside of scotia, and I try to get there every chance I can. Laurie’s right, though…..if we’re quiet and follow the rules they set in place, everyone will enjoy it!


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