Neil Burger starts over on the ‘Drake Uncharted’ film

In the past we reported that Mark Wahlberg signed on to star in the movie adaption of the Playstation 3 exclusive Drake Uncharted, now however director Neil Burger has decided to start over on the project. While promoting the DVD release of his movie Limitless at Comic-Con, gaming site Joystiq managed to ask Burger a few questions about the in-development Uncharted film.

Burger commented on the process of the project by saying:

“I’m rewriting the script from scratch, starting like right now — like we are just starting now. I love the game, it’s great, and I think it’s a great start for a movie, because the game is so cinematic”

About Drake the main character of the game, and the upcoming movie Burger adds:

“The character Nate in particular I like because he’s this ballsy guy that lives by his wits, and who’s capable of kind of anything and everything. He’s fearless and he doesn’t give a damn and he’ll go after the thing. I dig that kind of character and it’s a great character for a movie.”

While Mark Wahlberg was rumored to be playing Drake under previous director David O. Russell’s oversight, Burger says that while he thinks Wahlberg might be a good choice, the decision of who will wear the half-tuck and jeans is still distant.  Burger adds that you don’t start the casting until after you have written the screenplay, he mentioned that  “you see who’s available, who seems right, who’s a new actor that’s just breaking on that’s not even on your radar right now.”

It will be interesting to see who is finally cast as Nathan Drake, however with a tentative 2013 release it might be a while before anything specific is released, as always we will keep you in the loop.


  1. Excited for the movie. Game series is fantastic and would love to see the film if done right. My top 3 actors for the film 1)Nathan drake-Nathan filion from castle/firefly 2)Elena…beth riegraf from leverage 3)sully-bruce Campbell from burn notice/evil dead series…think those 3 would be perfect for those characters

  2. i think my three characters would be: james roday (from the t.v. show psych) as nathan drake, emily rose (the girl who does the voice for elena) as elena fischer, and robert deniro as victor sullivan. those characters all fit the roles perfectly. james roday has the voice, the look, the same body type, the same hair, same humor. and deniro looks exactly like victor sullivan in every way. and then emily rose has the blonde hair, she looks like elena and she has the EXACT voice, and she is young and very beautiful, just like elena.


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