New photos of James Franco, Colin Farrell, Dianna Agron, Josh Groban, and Christina Perri greeting fans outside The Late Show

We always say the Ed Sullivan Theater, where The Late Show with David Letterman is filmed, is one of the best places to see celebs in New York City and yesterday may have been one of the best days to be there!

Typically celebrities will stop and sign autographs for waiting fans as they arrive to tape their appearances on Dave’s show, and yesterday was no exception as James Franco, Colin Farrell, Dianna Agron, Josh Groban, and Christina Perri ALL greeted fans outside.

One of our contributors, Denise, waited for nearly four hours in the heat to see James Franco but it turned out to be well worth it! She said, “I got to see lots of people at Letterman and surprisingly EVERYONE came over to the fans to sign and pose for pictures. I specifically went to see Franco, but I also saw Colin Farrell, Dianna Agron, Josh Groban and Christina Perri. Oh, and to top it all off, there was this woman who wasn’t wearing a top, just jeans, and she had a camera and big blonde hair with a mustache painted on in black marker, who kept walking back & forth and security kept chasing her. I think she got her picture taken more than anyone else!”

It goes to show you never know what will happen when you’re hunting for celebs in NYC!

Denise added, “If I had to judge, I’d say Josh was the nicest celeb yesterday. He came over when he arrived and left and signed and posed for everyone. He was smiling a lot and looked like he really enjoyed seeing everyone. Franco did that too, but when he was leaving he only signed for a small section and then took off. I was talking to the person standing next to me and she said when Colin arrived at Regis & Kelly (Monday morning) he pulled into the garage but had them stop it from closing all the way so he could go out and greet fans. She got a nice picture with him. I always like hearing nice things about stars like that. He seems like a cool guy.”

James, Josh, Christina, and Dianna’s segments all aired on last night’s Late Show (which you can watch here), well Colin was there to tape an episode that will air on Thursday.

Check out Denise’s photos of the stars below:

Thanks again to Denise for sharing her pics and don’t forget, if you have celeb photos to share, let us know at!



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