First photo of ‘The Avengers’ set in Wilmington, OH

Though the image above isn’t too revealing, it is the first we’ve seen from behind the walls of the DHL facility in Wilmington, OH where they are currently filming scenes for The Avengers.

As we’ve reported, the movie is filming at the former DHL facility in Wilmington, Ohio this week. The entrance gate is located at the corner of Ruane and Hunter Drive, but has been closely guarded while shooting is taking place.

Reportedly, there is a mock Navy Flight Deck that they built for the movie inside the building in the background. And, as you can see from the photo, it appears they are also filming inside a military plane.

Below is an aerial photo of the facility, the building they are filming in is on the left.

On Saturday, a second unit for the movie will be filming scenes near Butler, PA, north of Pittsburgh, and on Monday they will begin filming in downtown Cleveland, where they will remain for a few weeks. You can find the complete schedule here.

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[Thanks to @NikiMarieR, Phil & Joe]


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