Spotted: A new ‘Dark Knight Rises’ set being built in Torrance, CA

With filming winding down in Pittsburgh and permits already being issued for filming in Los Angeles in early September, it’s not a huge surprise to find out that there are sets being built near Torrance, CA for The Dark Knight Rises.

According to one of our tipsters, “There’s a MR sign in the Southbay area, near the El Camino College parking lot. The sign is on Manhattan Beach Blvd but the set is the parallel street (Redondo Beach Blvd).There’s a lot of containers and they are building what looks like a ramp. Everything appears to be underground.”

We’re not sure what exactly the set is or what it will be used for, but we’ll be sure to keep tabs on the new set as it is completed.

If you have any scoop about The Dark Knight Rises or where they may be filming, let us know at!


  1. Oh wait. They’re filming on Hope St on those days. So will they film in Torrance on other days? If yeah, it’ll still be around the 3rd and 4th of September right?

  2. just went there today, saw the containers and atop of the containers 4 people were currently building something made out of wood. It looked like a little Appartment on top of the containers but not sure what it finally will be… I also wondered if they will use this big parking garage in front of the containers for a Tumbler ride later… or did they use this garage already in the Movies before?

  3. also before and after the Containers this weird kind of tunnel/street with some water wasn’t that used for other Movies on which they drove through with Cars like on Terminator 2? at least it looked more wider in the Movies so I guess not or maybe another part of the same tunel?

  4. I live right next to ElCo and if you find out filming info I’d love to stop by and see! I’d clear my schedule that day 😉

  5. Passed by there since I live a few blocks away. Trailers are up and electrical boxes are up and wired. Something will be happening soon.
    This was around 9:30pm.

  6. thanks John– they are ona wed- sun schedule so I’m guessing they should be filming today, do you think it will be that soon at this locaton?

    • Hi all, it’s really there as of this moment, over 30 people scrambling around the set. The street has all of the cones and electric signs ready to close. Off part of Redondo Bch Blvd. Also a large car carrier pulled out of the structure as I was waiting at the light. Some I’m gonna say the schedule is right on for w-s shoot.

  7. thanks so much for the update! If anyone is able to get more pics, that would be awesome, excited to see/hear more about , thanks again John!

  8. I’ve gotta work 6a-230 this weekend , but I’ll head over in the late afternoon, after work to check on progress, and maybe some photos,

    Jon A.

  9. Filming in full swing, and security is tight. They are using the ground level of the old parking structure, off of Redondo Bch Bl, and the perimeter is all fenced off, as well as shade cloth and plastic sheeting used to cover all openings which would allow you to see what going on with in the parking structure. I was able to go to the top level of the new parking structure, and look over to the top level of the structure their using, but no activity on top.I did see some cars on top, some which said Gotham Police.

  10. Thanks so much for the update Jon! If u have any pics or anything let me know excited to started seeing some of the action in la!

  11. Went by El Camino (Torrance), and all the trailers are gone except one or two, and the 1st level of parking structure is open. So they ended filming at this location Wednesday. Bummer because I had my calendar open to spend a few hours here. Guess I’ll be of to downtown L.A.(hope to get the shooting time for the days the shoot: day or night)



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