Gen Art Premieres ‘L!fe Happens’ in NYC

Gen Art has long been one of our favorite New York film institutions because they not only screen movies and hold their own annual film festival but, unlike most, they also welcome the public to not only their events, but most of their swanky after parties too!

On Monday Gen Art presented a screening of the new movie L!fe Happens, followed by a Q & A with the movie’s stars and a fancy party at Gramercy Park Hotel.

Two of the movie’s stars, Krysten Ritter and Fallon Goodson, were in attendance, as well as the movie’s producer, Lauren Bratman, actor Brian Geraghty (who apparently made out with Krysten at one point during the party), and Project Runways’ Althea Harper.

The film and also stars Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth, Justin Kirk, Jason Biggs, and Kristen Johnson, but none were there for the screening.

One of friends, Tom Murro, attended the party with Chris Nirschel (who you may remember from Food Network All Stars) which was held in a private room adjacent to the rooftop in the Gramercy Park Hotel Private Roof Club. Tom told us it was a great event in a “beautiful room set up with tables with bottles of Amaretto and Sour mix.”

Below are a couple more photos from the event and you can sign up here to get invites to Gen Art’s upcoming events.

You can find out more at Tom’s website, too.


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