Tom Cruise will begin filming ‘One Shot’ in the Pittsburgh area this month

It looks like early rumors that One Shot, starring Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike, would be filmed in the Pittsburgh area were true.

According to Pittsburgh Live, the production will headed to the Saltsburg, PA for a few weeks of filming, with the crew planning to use the recently closed Saltsburg Elementary School, at 250 Third St. in the Kiski Flat area of Loyalhanna Township, as a temporary base.

Though the school will be used as a base camp, filming will take place at the nearby Hoover Stone Quarry for about a week and a half later this month.

One Shot, which is based on a novel by Lee Child, will follow Jack Reacher, a former military investigator who teams up with a defense attorney to track down the shooter in multiple killings.

One Shot is expected to shoot in the Pittsburgh area from mid-September through the end of October.

In the past, Pittsburgh fans have shared tips to help track the movies The Dark Knight Rises, Abduction and The Perks of Being A Wallflower via our Open Threads so we’re hoping we can duplicate that success with One Shot! Be on the lookout for more One Shot filming locations around Pittsburgh in the coming weeks and discuss the latest sightings with other fans in the comments below!

[Thanks to @NikiMarieR & @BoringPGH for the head’s up]


  1. thanks Niki, you don’t have to know which movie it s do you? I looked through her IMDb page and I don’t see anything in Pittsburgh, if you hear any more about it let me know, I met here at SXSW, so have been kinda keeping an eye on her since, would be interested to know what it was, thanks!

  2. Does anybody know when they are casting for extras for the movie One Shot. Usually they announce a location before the movie starts filming. Has anyone heard anything, and if you have could you share it with me/us.

  3. Niki, thank you for the information, I have sent my resume to Nancy Mosser Casting already but I have not heard anything. I will check the p-burgh film office web site. They made a big deal of the Avengers here in Cleveland, when they were looking for extras. So I assumed they would do the same thing there in Pittsburgh. Being its Mr. Cruise and all. I will keep checking. thanks again.

  4. Breaking news! πŸ™‚
    Nancy Mosser casting is looking for 9 photo-doubles for One Shot scenees to be filmed at PNC Park.
    BTW…have yinz all seen Abduction…which was also filmed (in part) at PNC Park in Pittsburgh?? It’s in theaters now! Go see. I saw it. Its’ a fun action movie and the stunts that Taylor Lautner, Sigourney Weaver & co. do are amazing! Also, there are many beautiful shots of Pittsburgh in there.

    So….here’s the link for One Shot scenes at PNC Park:

  5. Not that I know of yet.

    There’s some American Idol stuff going on today. They are shutting down the 9th street/Rachel Carson Bridge from 12 p.m.-3 p.m. Steven Tyler tweeted that he is going to try to get a Primanti’s bros. sandwich later today. πŸ˜›

  6. According to @cccarrieee on Twitter: “…Also, I saw a yellow “OS” sign off the exit to Robinson Mall yesterday. Cruise movie?”

    Can anyone living in the Robinson area check on this/follow the signs?

    Maybe this is where Tom is practicing the driving scenes…?

  7. Carrie took the exit. I just asked her on twitter. I’ll let you know when she answers. You can also check out her twitter page (it’s public, so you don’t need an account…but I do reccommed that you get a twitter account for following movie filming news/celebrity sightings!). It is:

  8. So, it turns out that Elixir =Boss because one of the actresses, Sara Paxton recently tweeted that she was in Schenley Park. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. Nikki, I do not have a twitter account, but it seems like they are filming already , I contacted Nancy Mosser and they said it will be soon. should I wait or is there someone else that knows more?? thanks for all the information hoping to mhear more from you.


  10. I’m sure that any scenes that they’ve been filming recently have not required large numbers, or any, extras. I’m sure they will need lots of extas for the PNC park scenes they will do Oct.6-11.You can just wait for Mosser to contact you.

  11. I just heard of a Traffic Advisory update via @DowntownPitt on twitter. I can’t say for sure if this is One Shot or Elixir (dance movie with Jane Seymour, Chelsea Kane, Sara Paxton)….but I’m leaning towards One Shot.

    WHAT: Film production to close Exchange Way and Tito Way.

    Exchange Way between 9th Street and Tito Way
    Tito Way between Penn Avenue and Liberty Avenue.
    Traffic will be detoured.
    No parking on 7th Street between Penn Avenue and Fort Duquesne Blvd.
    Sidewalks will have limited access during filming. Once filming has stopped pedestrians will have access to open stores, restaurants and office buildings.
    Pedestrians may experience short delays during filming.

    Wednesday, October 5 – 7:00 PM through

    Saturday, October 8 – approximately 6:00 AM

    The Pittsburgh Film Office website [] will list daily traffic advisories.

  12. Niki, I just went by Exchange Way, and the signs say “BOSS”, so it is indeed for “Elixir”. Damn, what with this and “Dark Knight Rises”, that ugly alley is getting some usage.

  13. Nikki ,ok thanks for all the updates I guess I will still contact mosser every now and then and hope for the best. I hate doing that I like to make it on my own. thanks again

  14. We got kicked off the North Shore trail by PNC Park tonight because they’re filming down there. The Security guys are nasty – I was there with a 10-year-old and they wouldn’t even tell us what movie it was, even though it’s all over the news and Internet. They’re filming there again tomorrow, but if you go down there, be prepared to be treated like dirt.

  15. There are more road closures listed for this week on Pittsburgh website, for One Shot or Elixir maybe:

    10th Street Bridge Lane Closure – Monday, October 17 – Friday, October 21
    One lane of the 10th Street Bridge will be closed on Monday, October 17 – Friday, October 21.
    Outbound traffic lane will be closed during the a.m. hours (6:00 AM – 12:00 PM).
    Inbound traffic lane will be closed during the p.m. hours (1:00 PM – 7:00 PM).

    Curb Lane on Centre Avenue Closed – Downtown – October 17
    The curb lane on Centre Avenue from Washington Place to Mario Lemieux Place (near the Consol Energy Center) will be closed on Monday, October 17 from 3:00 AM – approximately 8:00 PM.

    10th Street Bridge CLOSURE – October 21
    The 10th Street Bridge will be CLOSED on Thursday, October 20 overnight (7:00 PM – 6:00 AM).
    An inclement weather day is scheduled for Friday, October 21 – same hours.
    Motorists should be mindful of delays.

  16. “One Shot” will be filming on route 65 in emsworth on october 28-29. Majority will be taking place at the 65/camp horne rd intersection. I live close by and had a flyer in my door explaining this.

  17. Haddad’s/Paramount has a truck down on 9th Street at Penn Avenue, with a cherry picker doing something on the roof of the abandoned building next to Blush.

  18. well the god thing about the Pittsburgh shoots is if it is a lie and they are filming in Pittsburgh those days, the info will be on the Pittsburgh film office’s website…and its more likely the scheduled changed if they are not filming there this weekend…I’ll keep an eye on the Pittsburgh Film Site…

  19. One Shot filming tonight in the Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh near Duquesne University & Chatham square. Forbes avenue will be closed from 6th Avenue downtown to McAnulty street near Duquesne from 7 p.m. tonight until aprox. 8 a.m. tommorow.

  20. Thanks Niki. Has anybody been down to the set yet? I’m hesitant to go because I’m getting the impression that they’re pretty locked down and unfriendly to onlookers, unlike “Dark Knight Rises”. Some people said the guards were rude.

  21. Hi Shaw,
    You should definitely try to check it out before there is snow on the ground! People are motivated to check out some movies more than others and movies that cast actors which appeal to younger people draw bigger crowds. The cold weather deters people too, myself included. You should try and check it out if they shoot in an area that’s convenient for you. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  22. Right now they are down at 9th Street and Penn Avenue. It looks like the production is setting up for a shoot this evening. Lights have been installed on the roof of the abandoned building next to Blush.

  23. right this second they are filming in the Kohls/PepBoys parking lot in robinson town center area. Tom’s there! I happened upon it by accident grabbing lunch…

  24. What a joke! I’ve been working security for this movie and I have never received my check on time. Right now my checks are 3 weeks behind!! Maultsby Protective Services run the security and its the most unorganized group of people I’ve ever encountered. Look at the workers and you’ll understand why. Working for the movies suck unless your one of those lazy teamsters who get paid 30+ an hour to sit on their fat asses thinking their important.

  25. I was talking to a Dormont-Brookline Patch editor about this one twitter. ( She was able to get more details from a police chief about parking restrictions. I think that filming will take place on Peermont avenue, but there will be parking restrictions for several surrounding streets, including Pinehurst. Here is the article that she posted:

  26. Rosamund Pike and others are filming scenes in Dormont today and tomorrow. Tom is taking a break from One Shot to promote his next Mission: Impossible movie in Japan. He will be in South Korea tomorrow.

  27. Via @pgtraffic on twitter:

    Movie ‘One Shot’ w @TomCruise is filming in Mt Wash Tues-Weds starting at 4 — may stop #traffic at times on Grandview near McArdle.

  28. I just learned that on Friday, Dec. 16th, “a major motion picture” will be filming in and around the area of 5501 Walnut St., Pittsburgh, PA 15232 (Henne Jewelers) in Shadyside. I’m pretty sure that this is One Shot. Check out the Facebook page for Henne Jewelers.

  29. Earlier today I spotted some electrical cables and Paramount trucks in the vicinity of Fifth Avenue downtown, near Macy’s. It wasn’t a big setup, and nothing was going on at the time. Does anyone know what this was about? If it’s filming in Avalon, it might be second unit stuff going on downtown.

  30. I wanted to check out Hennes jewelry. No movie trucks or anything in the area. No jewelry on display in cases. Is that normal closing procedure?

  31. @Pencil – I heard they would be filming One Shot at least through January.

    Nancy Mosser casting is requesting “Middle-Eastern looking people” to participate as extras for a “feature film” on January 13th. Pretty sure this is One Shot.

    Let’s keep our eyes open for “Frank or Francis” too. It’s supposed to start in either January or February.

  32. This just in! πŸ™‚

    One Shot will be filming on Centre Avenue in the Oakland/Shadyside neighborhoods tomorrow between aprox. 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

    Intermittent Closures (ITC) of Centre Avenue From Bigelow Blvd To Neville Street – Paramount Picture
    Effective: 1/6/2012 to 1/6/2012

    One Day

    Effective Friday, January 6, 2012 From Approximately 11:00 AM To Around 2:00 PM As Necessary

  33. Paramount trucks are once again down in the 9th and Penn/Exchange Way area. I don’t know if it’s setting up for later or taking down from earlier in the day.

  34. Yep. I think One Shot is all done. I originally heard it would be done in January, I think. Tom is probably back in L.A. doing Rock of Ages reshoots or something. Next up is Frank or Francis with Steve Carell, Nicholas Cage, Kevin Kline, Jack Black, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Reubens, Kate Winslet, and Catherine Keener. Supposed to start in February, but I believe it’s been delayed.


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