Monday, September 12: Filming Locations in NYC, L.A., Boston & more including R.I.P.D., Pan Am, & Prime Suspect

Here’s a look at what’s filming on location Monday, September 12:

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Filming in British Columbia:

Once Upon A Time is filming at 224 E 10th in North Vancouver. (Thanks @OLTV, @spacepug)

Filming in California:

The Mentalist filming  at the LA Equestrian Center in Burbank. (via @goforlocation)

Sword is filming at 112 W 5th St in L.A. (3:00 PM – 9:00 PM).

Prank My Mom is filming at 169 W. Colorado Bl. in Pasadena.

Perception is filming at 128 Fremont Pl W, Los Angeles (6:00 AM – 10:00 PM).

Long Time Gone is filming at  472 1/2 W. 22nd St in L.A. (7:00 AM – 10:00 PM).

Fear Factor is filming at Berth 154, L.A. (5:00 AM – 10:00 PM).

BHC3 is filming at 1401 S. Oak Knoll Ave in Pasadena.

Benjamin Troubles is filming at E 6th St Bridge, S Boyle Ave – Mateo St in L.A. ( 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM).

Prime Suspect is filming in L.A at:

202 W 1st St (3:00 PM – 3:00 AM)

San Pedro St., E. 7th St. – E. 8th St.( 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM)

515 W 7th St (9:00 AM – 3:00 AM)

S Olive St., W 7th St – W 8th St (7:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

322 W 7th St (3:00 PM – 10:00 PM )

1027 S Los Angeles St ( 5:00 AM – 12:00 AM)

431 E 7th St (6:00 PM – 7:00 AM)

1046 S Broadway (5:00 AM – 12:00 AM)

Sunken City is filming at 419 W 22nd St in Los Angeles ( 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

Savages is filming a beach scene in Newport Beach.

Dexter is filming around the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach again.

NCIS: LA is filming at Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge.

UPDATE: The New Girl is filming around W 6th St and S. Carondelet St in Los Angeles.

Filming in Connecticut:

Are We There Yet is filming in studio (300 Stillwater, Stamford).

Filming in Illinois:

Man of Steel is filming around Adams and Clinton in Chicago. Also heard they may be filming at 233 N. Michigan. They are also prepping Union Station for a scene this week. (Thanks Rob)

FYI: The new NBC series The Playboy Club has been filming around Randolph (near Jefferson) for the past few days.

Filming in Louisiana:

G.I. Joe 2 is filming at Michoud Assembly Facility (Lockheed Martin) on Old Gentilly Rd in New Orleans.

Paperboy, starring Zac Efron, is filming in New Orleans all week, this is also expected to be the last week of filming, let us know if you spot them shooting!

Filming in Massachusetts:

R.I.P.D., starring Ryan Reynolds, is filming around Pleasant Street between Cordis Street and Warren Street in Boston.

Filming in Michigan:

Oz, The Great and Powerful, starring James Franco, is filming at Raleigh Studios in Pontiac, MI.

Filming in Nevada:

Raising Hope is filming outside of Caesars Palace overnight.

Filming in New York:

The Bourne Legacy is filming in studio (Kaufman Astoria, Queens).

What Maisie Knew is filming around Washington St and Bank St in NYC. They are also filming in Central Park, but not exactly sure where in the park so be on the look out! FYI: Signs also spotted Hudson and Perry. (Thanks Rina)

Gossip Girl is filming in studio (Silvercup Studios, Long Island City).

The 2-2 is filming in studio (Chelsea Piers). Signs also spotted around 8th Ave between 138th Street and 141th Street. (Thanks @kimlaoconnor)

Blue Bloods is filming in studio (Broadway Stages, Calyer & Jewel, Brooklyn).

Royal Pains is filming in studio (Broadway Stages, Brooklyn).

The Place Beyond The Pines, starring Ryan Gosling, is filming in Schenectady. There have been lots of updates on the shoot on our Facebook page if you want to join in on the conversation there too!

A Gifted Man is filming in studio (Silvercup East, Long Island City).

Pan Am is filming at the Woolworth Mansion in Glen Cove.

Nous York is filming at West and Bank in NYC. Signs also spotted around W 14th and 8th/9th in NYC.

Smash is filming at City Hall Restaurant.

Unforgettable is filming in studio (Silvercup Studios in Long Island City).

Over/Under (a new USA series) is filming around Congress and Court in Brooklyn AND 3rd and President/Union.

Person of Interest is filming in studio (Silvercup East, LIC). FYI: Signs also spotted at Columbus/Broadway between 63rd/62nd. (Thanks @_ErikaLeigh)

Gods Behaving Badly is filming at Croton Point County Park in Croton-On-Hudson.

Boardwalk Empire is filming around Oak Dr and Sound Ave in Calverton.

Filming in Ohio:

Seven Below is filming in Goshen Township.

Filming in Washington:

21 and Over is filming on the University of Washington campus.

Filming in the U.K.:

Dark Shadows filming at Great Mattiscombe Sands in Devon, England, just west of Start Point. (Thanks Neil)

Thanks for Jimmy for sharing this photo he took with Isla Fisher on the set of Bachelorette in NYC!


  1. Thanks Christine…waiting to see if the Bourne Legacy stays as filming as in for real filming or goes back to pre production stage. Hoping to catch this one once its starts 🙂

  2. OK, I finally got the post cleaned up and just added a few updates, may have a couple more in AM…in the meantime, here’s a few L.A. projects in studio tomorrow:

    Chuck (WB)
    Castle (Raleigh)
    CSI: NY
    Harry’s Law

  3. Emma Stone co starring in “Gangster Squad” also with Sean Penn which starts this week with some Burlesque club scenes followed by LA Union Station scenes next week. This is another 40s movie about the East Coast Mafia trying to make a move on LA.

    • I work down the street from the Chelsea Ma filming location… Saw several cars with fake massachusetts license plates, a fake Boston police boat and lots of trailers and equipment. Anyone know what’s up??

  4. Hi

    Has anyone heard of any kind of premiere for Abduction with Taylor Lautner?? Or even shows he might appear in NYC next week????


    • Can’t find any info on premiere, but he’s on Regis and Kelly Thurs.9/22 and Jimmy Fallon on Fri.9/23,and Letterman’s schedule isn’t available for that week yet.

  5. New Orleans:
    Last Fri. & again today something is being filmed on the WBank off Gen’l Meyer. Fri. they were in Behrman Pk, & now they have GM blocked off near the College. Any idea what it is?

  6. I’ve seen on a couple other sites that the “I Don’t Know How She Does It” premiere is at the Ziegfeld Theater tonight at 7 with arrivals starting around 5.

      • Are you sure about this premiere? Zeigfeld movie page ad shows another movie is there today. Seems odd,usually it just tells you to call theater on days there is a premiere there.

        • I agree. You can buy tickets for a 7:30pm showing of a 3D Peter Gabriel movie at Ziegfeld for tonight. Don’t think the premiere is there.

      • I saw that last week too, but the Ziegfeld site says the Peter Gabriel movie is screening at 7:30pm and when you call the tix line, they are selling tix for tonight for that movie. I called the box office, but nobody answered, so has anyone been done there to actually confirm. I do know the premiere is tonight for certain.

        • Hmm you’re right, I’m looking at the Ziegfeld theater website and see the same thing about the Peter Gabriel movie. Still looking around online to see if any other locations are listed…

          • I had heard something about it being scheduled as part of Fashion Week, so maybe someplace around Lincoln Center. Don’t see the connection to the movie, but maybe because SJP is always in town for that.

    • Dexter started filming this am at 6 and will be there all day until later tonight. They are filming on a yacht just adjacent to the Queensway Bay Bridge. Michael C. Hall and Colin Hanks were filming scenes this am.

      • hi Tim….. I went over there Friday after work…..and just like you said they were all set up for filming….. unfortunately for me my timing was off….. I did see alot of filming but it looked like only extras….which is still cool…. but I am gonna try again today…Thank you again!!!! (•_•) Sue

  7. Your link the the Woolworth estate in Glen Cove is not correct. That link is not the Glen cove mansion. here is the correct link, and they are here this week filming with the staging area at the local VFW hall

    Pall Corporation (PLL) leased it for many years and restored much of the first and second floors. It has a hugh pipe organ which, when played with the windows open, could be heard in downtown Glen Cove back when the mansion was occupied by the Woolworths. Reynolds developed aluminum foil in a separate building that is still on the property.



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