New photos: ‘Man of Steel’ gearing up for Union Station shoot in Chicago

As we reported, Superman: Man of Steel is filming in Chicago all week and we’ve received several reports of props and curtains spotted at Union Station as crews preparing for a shoot in the historic building tomorrow.

Thanks to Andy for sending us these photos of a ticket booth that was built in the station for the movie and temporary curtains that have been put up around the area where they will likely be filming.

In addition to these new photos of the train station set, we also spotted these photos of Henry Cavill on set today, near Stetson and Wacker in Chicago, over on the Superman: Man of Steel Facebook page from Kimber Dolan.

Finally, Moon sent us these aerial views of a scene they were shooting today which he said also included Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne.

If you spot Man of Steel filming in Chicago this week, let us know about it at!


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