Open Casting Call For Extras Announced In NYC For ‘The Dark Knight Rises’!

Thanks to one of our readers, Natasha, for sending us this recent casting call looking for extras in NYC for Magnus Rex, the working title for The Dark Knight Rises.

According to the casting call, the movie will be shooting in New York City from October 29 to November 11, 2011, and an Open Casting Call for Extras will be held on October 1.

Here are the details for the Open Call:

Grant Wilfley Casting, Inc. is casting extras for the new Warner Bros. film Magnus Rex. Producers state: “Take part in the urban action adventure coming to the streets of New York City.” Shoots Oct. 29-Nov. 11, 2011 in NYC.

Seeking—Extras: male and female, 18+, all ethnicities, no experience necessary, to play law enforcement within a city besieged by crime and corruption, specific roles include Guards, Soldiers, and Police Officers, seeking physically fit athletes, people with military and/or law enforcement training/experience, weapons training, and/or martial arts training.

Open call will be held Oct. 1, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. & 2-4 p.m. at Metropolitan Pavilion, 110 W. 19th St. (btwn. Sixth & Seventh aves.), NYC. Bring photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, state ID, student ID, etc.); talent must be able to provide valid unexpired ID to fill out I-9 at time of hiring. Seeking nonunion talent at this call; SAG members who are not already registered with GWCI should also attend the open call. For more info (including time/location details for SAG registration), visit or call (212) 685-3168. There are no sign-up fees. Professional pay provided. SAG Background Actors Contract.


  1. You don’t have to be SAG. It basically states, “Seeking nonunion at this call, but SAG should come ONLY IF those SAG members are not registered yet with Grant Wilfley Casting.” Right now they are looking for athletic people, and people with law enforcement and military training/background. On another casting site they said there will be chances for people to submit for other roles later.

  2. Okay, thanks! If you get chosen, do you know if you have to go to every single day of filming? And if you could choose whatever times you can go to that fit your schedule?

  3. If you get hired you adapt to their schedule. I have been an extra several times. Sometimes it is long (10 to 12 hours) and other times it is short (2-3hours). It varies on what they are filming. If you have training in those areas you will be more likely to be hired but give it a shot nonetheless. I may check it out.

    • Do you know what happens if certain days you can’t work or you’re only restricted to certain hours to work? Would they still want you, or do you have to make sure you’re free the whole time from Oct 29 to Nov 11? Thanks!

  4. Hey Kevin: Grant Wilfley posts all the time at It’s not a free site, though. It will cost you about $10 on up per month.

    They also post casting calls on their own website:

    Also from their website: If you’re an actor wishing to submit a headshot and resume to GWC, Inc., mail to:

    Grant Wilfley Casting, Inc.
    123 West 18th Street, 8th Floor
    New York, NY 10011

    Open Registration at GWC is held the first Wednesday of every month from 11am to 4pm for SAG and AFTRA members only at their New York offices.

    Bibi: You don’t have to be available every day of the filming. If you are chosen they will call you and ask your availability for the date or dates that they need you. Sometimes it’s an “open availability,” meaning they might say, “Are you open between October 21st and 23rd?” because they don’t always know the exact shoot dates. Most of the time I have been hired for one date, but there were times when I was “recalled” for the next day. Or there were times when I knew I had to have “open availability” within 3-7 days. But if/when they call you, the casting director will ask what your availability is. You could then say that you’re either available within that time frame or not.

    Hope that helps!


    • Randy thank you that is awesome information. I see you are affiliated with the big 3 unions. I wish I would have became more interested in all this when I was a little younger, but what you gonna do. Thank you for answering availability question too. I was curious as I live about 6 hours outside the city. I am hoping for the experience, I have pretty much 0 experience when it comes to this stuff, unless you can count professional wrestling on an acting resume, probably more of a special skill though I guess.


  5. Hey Kevin, it’s never too late to get into it. I went to drama school at Syracuse U. when I was much younger, then went to law school, and now that I’m in my later 40s I finally joined all 3 unions (I started with AFTRA since anyone can join that by paying the membership fee). I’m sure you’re much younger–and wrestling is a great skill to put on your “special skills” section of your resume!


    • That is a great story. I am 31 and a police officer. This casting call is very specific and I fit all the criteria with the build, law enforcement, martial arts and weapons training. In your opinion since this is cast as “extras” is it better to dress the part and look like a police officer. or wear something that is more flattering to athletic build. I assume it is going to be a meat market with first impression being the key. In summary, lol is it better to show off what I got a little with a classy polo and cache pants because I can prove I actually am a police officer….or play dress up where I look very average in the uniform?? Thanks again.

  6. Hey Kevin! For some reason I didn’t get an email from onlocationvacations about your post, but got an email about Evelyn’s post! So I just read your story.

    That’s actually a very good question! I think you should dress to show off your build because they will have you fill out a form where you will list all your police experience and weapons/martial arts training.

    Well, I just realized that the open call has passed, so I hope you went that route! Let us know how it went!


    p.s. 31 is young! Definitely not too late to get into it!!

    • Randy-

      Thanks for the 31 is young pep talk! The call went very well, I went with polo and dress pants, but I brought an unpatched uniform in a backpack just in case because I had no idea what to expect or would change quick if that is what they wanted. I am happy to say they offered and I accepted a casting for a “police officer” just a couple of days ago. I have my wardrobe fitting October 26, rehearsal November 1-3 and filming November 5&6. I am still in shock I got it because there had to be well over a thousand people lined up just within the first hour of the first session. Thanks for the info. Do you have Facebook or anything where I could keep in contact without annoying everyone else who reads these comments? lol


  7. […] On Location Vacations has details about the need for extras in Magnus Rex, which is commonly known as the Nolan movie’s answer to Blue Harvest.  The audition call listed the need for “physically fit athletes, people with military and/or law enforcement training/experience, weapons training, and/or martial arts training”. Auditions were October 1. […]

  8. Hey Kevin! Congratulations on that booking, buddy!! That’s great news, especially since there was such a big turn-out! Your experience definitely must have helped. I’m surprised that they are doing rehearsals with the background talent. Normally they just give you instructions on the day(s) of the shoot. They’re really going all out for this film.

    Yes, please add me as a friend on Facebook:!/randymastersny

    Talk to you later!



  9. Hey Kevin, I’m a career fire fighter and have been cast as well to play a Police Officer(bad cop).
    Heading to Queens next week for rehearsals. I’m not new to doing background work and wasn’t going to do it again but this looks like a pretty good opportunity.
    See you on set!


    • Congrats! Were you hired off the above casting notice or something else? I just had my fitting and met with wardrobe team. I am still unsure if I am needed for rehearsal or not, they said they would contact me separately, but I will be in the city all week just in case.

  10. Hey Kevin, I just saw your comment. I didn’t see a FB message–I just checked again and no message (just the friend add). Not sure why your message never got through? GW called me to play a cop on “Dark Knight” but I called back and left a message that I am now SAG and haven’t heard back, so their rosters must be filled with SAG folks. I got booked last week on an HBO pilot entitled “Forty” for 2 days. The creator/producer is Doug Ellin who created/produced “Entourage.” Great shoot! I played a party magician for a kids party (Ed Burns’ son on the show). Fun times!

  11. […] On Location Vacations has details about the need for extras in Magnus Rex, which is commonly known as the Nolan movie’s answer to Blue Harvest.  The audition call listed the need for “physically fit athletes, people with military and/or law enforcement training/experience, weapons training, and/or martial arts training”. Auditions were October 1. […]


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