‘Magic Mike’, starring Channing Tatum, filming in Tampa Bay, FL this week

The Steven Soderbergh-directed “male stripper” movie Magic Mike moved principal filming from Los Angeles to Tampa Bay, FL, where the movie is set, this week.

They are currently filming a party scene for the movie, which stars Channing Tatum and is loosely based on his experiences as a male stripper in Florida before having success as an actor, on Sunset Beach. Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, and Matthew Bomer.

Filming along Sunset beach took place today at Caddy’s On The Beach and on a sand bar near Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs today, where they continue filming on Wednesday.

On Friday, the shoot moves to Pinellas Bayway Bridge in south St. Petersburg, where they will shoot a scene with someone jumping off the bridge, and actors driving along the thoroughfare.

On Saturday they will be filming at an undisclosed Pinellas County construction site, before moving to Tampa on Sunday and Monday.

If you spot Magic Mike filming in Tampa this week, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!



  1. I live next to Fred Howard park in tarpon springs Florida. I just saw Channing an Matthew half naked bodies OMG!! It’s beautiful to see in my back yard. An exciting for this small town.

  2. If you go down to the beach they will take pics with you I didn’t have a camera w me but I will tomorrow. I rode my bike out there too late today but at 4 ish tomorrow I’m getting my pic on.. Lol. Do you know if they need extras. I’m really cute redhead

    • Hey Helema!!! So you know what time they are filming tomorrow? My friend and I are coming up from Ft Lauderdale so we are hoping to see them!! Are they filming inside fred howard park?

    • hey helema. Are they there at all today? I want to see them for sure…I will go to the bridge on Friday if i find out the time they are there….

  3. Are they still at Howard Park today? I went this morning and the Ranger said they were done there? ANyone know if they are there today….thanks

    • I was there this morning too, but the cones were still out and the rangers almost looked like they were setting up cause they had shovels. But I honestly don’t know. I hope they’ll still be there πŸ™

  4. I was told yesterday it was gonna be bout 4:00. But I got caught up w kids an school today. But the bridge seen is hard to tell. Maybe just go from morning at 9:00 am an wait. Idk what happened today at Fred Howard. Maybe they came late. My daughter an her friends got lots of yummy pics after 4 yesterday. But Tampa I heard will be in the clubs downtown. A’s soon a’s I confirm with club owner I’ll fill u guys in

  5. Did anyone see Joe Manganiello? He plays Alcide on True Blood. He is in this movie too, and I would definately like to meet him.

  6. Anyone know where and when exactly they are filming on Saturday and Sunday?!? I would kill to meet Alex Pettyfer (or Prettyface as I like to call him)!!

  7. Friday bridge time could be an all day event. Sun an mon in downtown Tampa u will see signs that say u.s.s.p an theyare yellow can’t miss em. Follow to the bridge an they will tell u times. They r very open about it

  8. Anyone have a idea where this “undiclosed construction site” will be Saturday?? It says in pinellas county which means it could be anywhere….I at least want a city lol.

    • Actually, wonder if that is for tomorrow- ybor city…
      if anyone has details for tomorrow, please let us know, we’re getting bombarded with requests for info for from other fans and I know they would appreciate the help, thanks! πŸ™‚

  9. just so everyone knows this film is directed by soderbergh who is amazingly fast, that teamed up with thw weather the shooting has all been flipped around and rescheduled.

  10. Anyone please let me know WHERE they are today/tonight? Im confused if they are still in st pete or did they move back to Tampa Ybor for scenes??

  11. I just drove all around downtown Tampa and Ybor City today for like 2-3 hours, and they weren’t there. I would assume that means they will be in Ybor tomorrow or Monday at the latest. If only we could find out what time…

    • Hey Heidi. Thanks for the update, If you hear of them being in ybor later tonight or maybe still shooting in st pete please let me know, I would really apprecaite it and Ill keep you updated also if I see or hear anything in my own area.

      • Hey. I was just in ybor and found base camp for it. Its on 6th ave and 15st however they were just putting up a tent and not very many people. I talked to the security guard who tried to tell me it was a wedding reception and no comment. I finally got it out of her that they havent shot anything yet, but she wouldnt give me a timeframe

        • I’m in DT Tampa now and I guess I will head to Ybor. Anyone know the best way to get there from here? I’m not from this area and have no clue where I’m going! Right now I’m sitting in a hotel parking lot borrowin their internet! LOL!

          • take jackson st all the way down to the sign that says ybor. that will guide u were ur going and once in ybor its not hard to find the streets

            • Oi! Thanks Melissa! I took I4 to Ybor and am now on 50th Street. I’m trying to see if can get directions. Do you by any chance know how to get there from here? Am I at least close? LOL! Have you seen anything more of interest?

              • no. i dont know ybor at all. i literally was turning home as i saw the ussp sign. i am planning oh heading back tonight. if u see anything more let me know!


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