John Cusack spotted filming ‘The Frozen Ground’ in Alaska

Yesterday, The Frozen Ground, starring John Cusack, began filming in Anchorage, Alaska.

The movie tells the real-life story of serial killer Robert Hansen, aka the “Butcher Baker”, who, between 1980-1983, kidnapped and raped at least 21 women before flying them out to a remote Alaskan location, where he would release them to hunt and kill them.

On Monday, they started filming outside Paris Bakery on Muldoon Rd in Anchorage, which is playing the role of “Hansen’s Bakery,” the shop owned by Robert Hansen. From what we’ve heard, it sounds like the will be filming outside the bakery for a few days.

According to The News Tribune, yesterday’s scenes included a vintage brown Oldsmobile arriving and parking outside the bakery just before Cusack, who plays Hansen, greets a man carrying a loaf of bread out of the shop.

The movie also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Nicolas Cage, and 50 Cent.

If you spot The Frozen Ground filming in Alaska, let us know about it at!

{Photo: NewsTribune}


  1. Hi,my name is kayla nelson me and my best friend dakota willis want to see them at anchorage ak and wanna see frozen ground people famous people! we walked everywhere just 2 see them!

  2. They weren’t filming at the Fred Meyer. They were filming at Hansens inks house an Paris bakery. They set up ” base camp” there in the parking lot..we watched them at both places. If you just follow the “TFG” yellow signs on Muldoon, you will find the set.

  3. Oh I didn’t see them filming at the bakery except on Monday, when the trailers were parked at the church. I assumed they moved down the street, when their rvs and trailers moved to fred Meyer.

  4. Does anyone know where they are today? There’s been a helicopter hovering near Muldoon for the last hour, not sure if t has anything to do with it..

  5. Saw John Cusack and Vanessa Hudgens at the Hotel Captain Cook. It’s the hotel their all staying at in Anchorage, was really surprised at how tall he was!

  6. Driving home tonight (Monday Oct 24 at 6 p.m.) at mile 9 on the Old Glenn Highway, right on the gravel bar at the Knik River is a very large white tent and a number of trucks and trailers. The Slightly further down the Old Glenn towards the Butte, as Kim (above mentioned) are numerous camper type vehicles using parking on properties on both sides of the road. As I was going past the Knik River / Old Glenn crossing a van filled with people crossed from the tent area toward the gravel bank on the other side of the highway. I suspect they’re not doing any filming tonight, as the wind is easily blowing steadily at 40+ mph with gusts moving well over 50 mph.

  7. The trucks are parked in the market lot, but they are filming in a office building across the street with no access for the public. But if you wait around outside you will eventually see them come out!

  8. They are filming right now on 4th and C downtown. They have been setting up all afternoon and will be filming there all night. One of the guys said that they will probably be there until 6 am. I saw Nicholas Cage there!

  9. opps I meant to leave a comment not a reply. “I heard on the Radio that they are closing down a part of 5th ave. next to Merrill Field from 9am – about 3pm. for shooting.”

  10. I just remembered on the 5th ave. entrance of The Sheraton, across the street they had an artist painting in between the “Polar Bar” and “Pete’s Tobacco”, painted was the past establishments (copying from older photographs) Some oriental massage place, and The Wild Cherry where a victim worked. So I am taking an educated guess and saying that’s where the filming is going on, and why 5th and Gambell will be shut down around 6 I’m thinking 6PM

    ” Mad Myrna’s has been selected to serve as the Wild Cherry stripper bar in the Frozen Ground movie. Well, of ALL days to start filming, the movie people have chosen Friday Night!!! 5th avenue will be closed off COMPLETELY around our nightclub, AND with a sold-out ROCKY HORROR SHOW! also, parking anywhere near our building will be impossible!…” From Mad Myrna’s facebook post:

  11. We got to see Nicholas Cage & Vanessa Hudgens filming a little last night on 5th in front of Mad Myrna’s. Does anyone know the next location or have you seen the white motorhomes anywhere? This is all so exciting I hope we will get more movies produced up here & actors to come up to film movies. I dont expect to meet any of them but just to have been able to see them from afar is golden! Thank you for braving the weather and filming the whole movie in our State!

  12. John filmed his last scenes this morning. He started at 3:45 am. He and his crew are leaving today. Cage filmed a lot last night and this morning.

  13. I thought I read somewhere that Cage and Cusack were attending a Jewish dinner or something like that at the Captian Cook on November 12??? anyone else read about that? I will try to find it and get back.

  14. I know for a fact that Cusack and his staff were leaving at 12:10 pm yesterday. I was onset Friday night/Saturday morning and that is what his staff (and producer) were talking about. If there is a dinner, then Cusack must be coming back. I doubt it though because reportedly he doesn’t like the cold weather and was anguish to get to warmer weather.

  15. It’s cold! Haha, don’t blame him for leaving. If you google cusack and cage Jewish gala, that’s where you can read about it! I don’t know how to post links. Sorry.

  16. I was downtown again this morning, and I saw a bunch of campers, ect. in the parking lot in front of the people mover main transit center.


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