Catch James Franco’s Performa Project in NYC on November 12th & 13th

James Franco will take part in Performa 11 next month, which strives to create new performances for the twenty-first century. The Performa Commission invites artists to create exciting and engaging new work specifically for their visual art performance biennial.

For their Performa Project, Laurel Nakadate and James Franco will create a three-part project based around Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie.

In part one, Franco and Nakadate will lead a séance in the Elysée Hotel in New York City, in the room in which Tennessee Williams died. With an invited group of participants, the artists will communicate with Tennessee Williams through an Ouija board and receive instructions from the author’s spirit. The group will pass his message on to the audience members, who will participate in the piece by following the spirit’s instructions.

In part two, female actresses of all types will audition in front of a live audience for the part of Laura in The Glass Menagerie. In the tradition of karaoke, Laura’s lines will run along the bottom of a video-projection of Franco playing the “Gentleman Caller” as the actresses act out the given scene.

A second audition for male actors will make up the final part of the project; this will be a live audition for actors wishing to play the role of Tom in The Glass Menagerie, all delivering the same monologue from the play. As with the women auditioning for Laura, Nakadate and Franco will intervene as “directors” as the actors’ attempt to inhabit the role.

Three Performances in Search of Tennessee, will take place on November 12 and 13 at 7:30 pm and will also be broadcast on the Internet.

Tickets, which are $30, $24 for Performa members, students, and seniors, can be purchased at

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  1. That is sooooooooooo dangerous to use a Ouija board & conduct seances! They are openly inviting demons to surround them! Williams’ spirit is NOT the one they will be contacting because he is no longer alive. (When you are dead there is nothing that lives on. That’s a false teaching that has kept people enslaved for centuries!) The spirit they will be contacting is a demon! I pity the people who are all involved in this “performance”!


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