Extras needed in Wilmington, NC for several upcoming projects, including ‘Iron Man 3’

A new casting company in Wilmington, NC is looking for men, women, and kids interested in appearing as extras in upcoming movies and TV shows.

Though Premier Casting doesn’t come right out and say it, based on their Facebook page it looks like they are bulking up their database of extras for Iron Man 3, which will begin filming in Wilmington next year.

One of their recent Facebook posts reads, “Received an email this morning. Iron Man 3 will use about 1,000 extras during the film and there will be over 550 crew jobs and will be shooting from May 2012 until January 2013 with a Memorial Day weekend release in 2013.”

They are looking for ALL ages, ALL Shapes and Sizes, ALL Ethnicities, Kids, Adults, Males and Females. If you would like to register as an extra in the Wilmington area, visit https://www.premiercasting.us/.


  1. This seems misleading as the production company has not hired any agencies–even the head of Premiere has stated that they have not been hired by IM3. Just good timing to put out a general call to help fill their database following news that a large film is coming to their area. Wish OnLocations would better clarify because I have seen several stories that use them as a source that specifically say Premiere is casting for IM3 and that is just not so!

  2. We clearly state that they do not say they are handling extras for the production, but they certainly do imply they will be handling extras for the project on their Facebook page and no one seems to be denying it…also the local media in Wilmington did come right out and say the casting calls were for a “superhero” size production.

  3. […] Not too many to go on here, yet a film will reportedly need over 1,000 people from a Wilmington, North Carolina area — where a film is filming from May 2012 to Jan 2013 — to be extras in a film. They’re now looking for “ALL ages, ALL Shapes and Sizes, ALL Ethnicities, Kids, Adults, Males and Females”, yet hopefully some-more specific requests will seem shortly enough. [On Location Vacations] […]

  4. Hey. I would like to be an extra in the Iron Man 3 movie. I live near Wilmington, NC. You can call me at (910)-231-7866 after school hours. Thank you:)

    • I am very much interested in becoming an extra in whatever you have available. Especially in the one where Jennifer Anastein is going to be in. Call me or send me an e-mail. 910-290-0291

    • I would very much like to be an extra in any up coming projects. thank you.I am a 44 year old male with plenty of availability and am very interested in the film industry.

    • I would very much like to be an extra in any up coming projects .I am a 44 year old male and I am very interested in the film industry. Thhank you.

  5. I am interested in working as an extra on any film you may need someone for. I am 68 years old, retired and available most any time.

  6. Premiere is using Iron Man 3 to mislead people into coming to them to PAY FOR PICTURES to be in their database…. some people have been told they had to COME BACK to take NEW pictures that they have to PAY FOR. They tell everyone that they are casting for Iron Man 3 when they AREN’T!! They are a brand new casting company, they definiately won’t get a big production like this…. they are a SCAM and should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. i would like to be a extra. I live in marion so it would be a great chance for me to get out of the small town and meet other people! Contact me at (828)803-7198 after school.


  8. I was just in Premier Casting and never once was I misled, nor did I get the feeling that they are a scam. I asked about Iron Man and they said that like all everyone in this industry they are excited and hope to be the extras casting company hired for the job. Now for paying $2.00 I was told that I could “update my file” as often as I need to at no additional cost. Call me crazy but I don’t think $2.00 is a lot to pay for an “opportunity” at something. People need to read, ask questions and not jump to conclusions it’s just that simple.

  9. im from asheville nc. if i come and i apply for ironman3 will there be cost other then the 2.00 dollars? because i did a audition in charlotte for john casablancas modeling and career center. they sai it was free. but when they accepted me the wanted 2.000 dollars for a 20 week training class

    • Hi Wade,

      I just want to inform you that Premier Casting is not handling extras for Iron Man 3. As far as the $2.00 fee goes, it is merely a filing fee, that is all. Extras Casting (as a whole) does not operate as such modeling schools or agencies do. If you have any questions please, feel free to visit the Premier Casting office Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm at 4605-4 Franklin Avenue in Wilmington, NC 28403. Online at http://www.premiercasting.us or by phone at 910-523-5622. I hope this helps clear up any misconceptions. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

  10. I am currently 39 yrs of age. I live in Burgaw, NC and am seeking to become an extra for the movie Iron Man 3. My number is (910) 470-0899.

  11. My Daughter & I both are looking to be in the Movie Extras. She is 11 years old I am 43. We live in Greenville NC. I Pray to God That he will show us Favor in opening up the Right door’s!! With Love God Bless!!

  12. last spring we was at belk for iron man3 movie sence, my daughter used to be modeling at john c .now she didnt want do anymore and now she intesting to do the movie..s she have very strong voice and she very loud ,,, please let us know when u want my daughter be in the movies i lost your email paper work ,, from belk in wilmington, nc .. my number is 910 398 8109 please lve a msg thanks you the mom


  14. Please contact me if any extras are needed ASAP! I am 18 years old and looking for a full time job to be an extra and possibly work my way up as an actress. I am very dedicated and love acting. Please consider me as one of your choices!
    Jessamin Green (Jessy)
    (910) 540-0758

  15. hello mt name is elijah. i live in the wilmington area. if you my, please contact me if any extra work is availavle. thank you and have a great day… 910-262-5410 or 910-616-3513

  16. My name is Quana Maynor I am interested of becoming an extra in any up coming movie I live in Wilmington N.c I am 17 years old .I weight 105 pounds and height 5,3 my sell phone number is 9106227708 if anyone could us me in any up coming movie I’m here if needed .


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