Yes, that is the Stars Hollow gazebo in ‘Hart of Dixie’

Watching Hart of Dixie is like pulling on an old sweater again for the first time in months –  its warm, comfortable, completely familiar, and surprisingly new at the same time.

A predictable fish out of water story about a big city doctor who moves to a small town, Hart of Dixie’s plot isn’t that compelling on its own, but there are so many threads of past dramadies running through each scene its hard for sentimental young adult TV fans (like me) not to fall in love with it.

First there are the secret affairs (Lemon and Levon) and forbidden crushes (Zoe and George), a signature touch of Dixie’s Executive Producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage who have also produced The O.C. and Gossip Girl.

Then there’s the show’s star Rachel Bilson, who is bringing a little bit of Summer Roberts, the sweet, spunky soul mate of Seth Cohen on The O.C., back to TV.

And of course there are the locations which are so familiar to so many of you I’ve been flooded with emails and tweets from fans wanting to know, “Is the town square and gazebo in Hart of Dixie the same one used in Gilmore Girls“?

The answer is yes. BlueBell and Stars Hollow are one in the same (as well as Rosewood, the fictional town in Pretty Little Liars). The BlueBell/Stars Hollow/Rosewood town square set is located on the Warner Brothers backlot in Burbank, CA and can often be seen on the WB Studio Tour.

Though the show is shot at Warner Bros. now, the pilot was filmed in Wilmington, NC where Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill were also filmed, which explains why that creek where Zoe and George had their first heart-to-heart talk probably looked familiar too!


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