More Quentin Tarantino sightings in Mammoth Lakes, CA

A couple weeks ago we reported that Quentin Tarantino was headed to the Lone Pines/Mammoth Lakes, CA area to shoot a few scenes for his upcoming film, Django Unchained, and since then we’ve had even more reports of Quentin being spotted around town.

Last weekend one of readers had a Quentin sighting right outside a McDonald’s:

I can confirm Quentin Tarantino is in Lone Pine, CA as we saw him walking in town on Sunday. We were on our way home from Mammoth Mountain, we were pulling into McDonalds at 4-5pm ish, and had to pause for 2 men crossing the driveway. It was none other than Quentin Tarantino.

We had another report of a Quentin sighting in a local restaurant earlier this month as well, but we’re not sure who he was with or whether or not he’s wrapped filming in the region since then as the Mammoth shoot was only expected to last a few days.

The movie, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jamie Foxx, will begin shooting in New Orleans in February.


  1. I saw memo on MI4 premiere. i suspect monday is more likely. I never heard of a premiere on a Fri and Cruise is on Letterman on Monday.


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