Is Johnny Depp in Monument Valley to prep for ‘The Lone Ranger’?

Over the past few days we’ve had several readers email us about all of the Johnny Depp sightings coming from the Monument Valley, Utah area this week.

Though the Johnny Depp sightings are just rumors at this point, we know they are scouting locations in Monument Valley for Johnny’s upcoming movie The Lone Ranger. We heard they were at John Ford’s Point earlier this week and it’s thought that the crew is staying in Kayenta, AZ, which is located about 20 miles south of Monument Valley.

The Johnny Depp rumors range from him being in the area to attend a Cowboy Camp and train for his upcoming role as Tonto, to him being in town because he is helping with the location scouting. A quick Twitter and Facebook search for “Johnny Depp in Kayenta” brings up dozens of sightings, but we have yet to see any photographic evidence.

So, if you have photos of Johnny in Arizona or Utah that will prove his whereabouts, let us know at! We’d love to turn these rumors into facts!

The Lone Ranger begins filming this spring in various locations in Utah and New Mexico.

UPDATE: The latest we’ve heard is that he was spotted in Gallup, NM on Friday (1.6) night.

[Thanks to Danielle, Maureen, Bernice, Chelsie, and Don for all the info]


  1. Crazy peeps… Johnny Depp is far from the REZ and/or the 4 corner STATES… U’all need to get a life. and Just enjoy his films..I bet he was on twitter today

  2. Im trying to get Johnny’s real Fan Mail. e-mail address for my 7 tear old,we live in Northern NM and are trying to get him a message about my son and his hope to meet him.Anyone have info on how we could make a 7 year old boys dream come true,lmk! thanks

  3. OMG. Do any of you really think he:
    #1. has and uses an email address? – NO – he pays people to do everything for him
    #2. wants ppl to flock to where he is filming? NO – he would rather you didn’t.

    He is a very busy and famous man. He has a life. He happens to be an entertainer, that’s his job. Sheesh. Get an idea folks. He knows we are all out here in Drools-ville and we love him…how else do you think he has become the rich and famous man he is…how he has been able to buy an island, a yacht, a house in France, LA and whatever where ever…. he knows it’s because of US! He loves us right back, but from a distance. We scare him.

  4. As a matter of fact, johnny depp’s crew are all around the monument valley area. i was heading to farmington from chinle and i saw the “TLR” (the lone ranger) signs pointing to where all the cast trailers were. so i’m pretty sure they’re there filming a segment of the movie. (as they did in chinle, down the overlooks, to the white house) the same “TLR” signs were up by the thunderbird lodge(located in chinle) as they were filming a few months back. So for anyone that wants to know, YES! they are filming down by MV. i’m pretty sure if you cruise by you’ll see what i mean. 🙂


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