Fan photos from the set of ‘Law and Order: SVU’ filming in New York

We have another collection of photos our readers have generously sent us from Law and Order: SVU at various location shoots across New York City.

The photo above was sent to us last fall by @Corinne0721 who said Mariska Hargitay “is the nicest person in the world.”

Below are two pictures tweeted to us today by @beastof51 who spotted Mariska filming in Brooklyn along with guest star Harry Connick Jr! You can see Harry talking to a young girl on one of the photos, @beastof51 thought it may have been one of his daughters. Harry plays Executive ADA David Haden, a “straight-shooting prosecutor who is assigned a case with Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay)” on the series.

@Sapphire902 sent us several photos of Treat Williams, Mariska Hargitay, and Danny Pino filming scenes outside the court at 60 Centre St in New York back on November 9.

LaToya also met Mariska on the set of SVU in November.

Back in October, @LittleKakau was lucky enough to meet both Kelli Giddish and Mariska Hargitay while filming in New York.

Finally, Rebecca also shared a pic she took with Mariska while they were filming in Astoria, Queens.

If you have photos from a movie or TV set you’ve recently visited, share them with us at!


    • First you need to find out where they are filming, they aren’t going to be filming season 14th until mid august. So it will be awhile before the filming starts up again. If you live in NY check this site then just go down there. I’m sure they’ll be other fans waiting to meet the actors/Actresses.

      Don’t be surprised if you automatically meet them, ususally during their breaks they are able to meet the fans. Depending on the shooting schedules.

  1. I will be in NY from the 7-10 and I know they’re filming! How would I know where they are shooting for the day? Meeting them would be the greatest thing ever! SVU is the reason I’m taking the trip to NY.


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