Nathan Fillion hangs out on the set of ‘Community’

Two of TV’s most popular shows, Castle and Community, collided last week thanks to Nathan Fillion’s Twitter feed.

On Jan. 13, Fillion posted the above photo with the message, “I’m officially in love with all the girls on #Community. Even @kenjeong. Especially @kenjeong.”

The post prompted Community star Alison Brie to tweet back, “Yay! Come visit more often!”

To which Fillion responded, “@alisonbrie: @NathanFillion Yay! Come visit more often!” I’ll be right back. Gotta learn a 5 page scene.” While Ken Jeong chimed in, “@NathanFillion Love u too! Sorry I missed you. #Browncoats”

Later, the Castle star tweeted yet another photo with the cast and the caption, “It’s my #community dream come true!”

Though Nathan claims he was just dropped by the set to say “hi” – and that does make sense since we know Castle was filming at Paramount Studios on Friday, which is also where Community is shot-  we’re still hoping he may have shot a special guest appearance while he was there!


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