Steven Soderbergh and Gina Carano talk ‘Haywire’ at Lincoln Center

On January 10, director Steven Soderbergh and star Gina Carano attended a special screening of their new film Haywire at New York’s Lincoln Center.

One of our readers, Meron, was at the sold out event and shared these photos with us, including one she took with Gina. She told us, “Gina was SO nice, huge sweetheart, took pics and chatted with everyone. She even told me she saw me in the crowd smiling and it gave her great comfort!”

During a Q & A after the screening, Soderbegh explained how he chose Carano for the role after seeing one of her MMA fights on TV. “I see Gina coming out. She’s got the cornrows; she’s got the warrior affect. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s interesting.’ She destroyed this woman in a cage, and I just hadn’t seen anything like this before,” he said. “I kinda filed it away. I just thought it she was a fascinating combination of elements.”

Soderbergh also explained that directing Haywire was a way to relieve some frustrations he had as a filmgoer. “Why aren’t action movies beautiful?” Soderbergh said. “I see a lot of action films that I think are good action films, but they aren’t beautiful to look at. That just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Check out more of Meron’s photos below and you can check out Haywire in theaters now.



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