North Carolina Filming Updates: Alan Ball’s ‘Banshee’ will be filmed in Charlotte, ‘Eastbound & Down’ will return to Wilmington in February

According to Deadline, Alan Ball (creator/executive producer of True Blood and Six Feet Under) is getting another series, this time on Cinemax. The network has has given a 10-episode order to Banshee, an action drama about “an ex-convict and master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, PA, where he continues his criminal activities even as he’s being hunted by the shadowy gangsters he had betrayed years earlier.”

Banshee will start shooting this spring in and around Charlotte, North Carolina, where Showtime’s Homeland is also filmed.

It was also announced this week that HBO’s Eastbound & Down will film one more time in Wilmington, NC next month.

According to Star News, casting agent Vanessa Neimeyer recently announced the show “will be back [in Wilmington] for 8 days of additional shooting in February.” Neimeyer said she would be posting additional details on her Facebook page as they become available.

Eastbound & Down‘s third and final season will debut on Feb. 19.

Though there are no filming permits issued for filming yet, Wilmington’s Screen Gems Studios (where Eastbound & Down’s offices are located) said workers with the series will arrive next week.


  1. “Banshee” will not in fact be filming in Charlotte. It will be filming exclusively in Mooresville. That’s misrepresentation.

    • No it is not exclusively filming in Mooresville. They are shooting in Mooresville but I know for a fact they will also be filming in Charlotte just south of Huntersville near Harris Blvd. as well as in Monroe with several shots of downtown Lincolnton as a possibility as well.

      • That’s not what I’ve been told. Be that as it may, its not filming exclusively in Charlotte as this article seems to say. I’ll find out more about the filming locations.

      • They are filming in 3 locations today and through the night – as that is how the balance of this week will be.

    • That is odd. My sister is driving the actors and actresses from location to location in Charlotte today, August 6, 2012.

      • Kelly-

        We were going to head down this weekend to see Ben Cross as he just got in on July 25th – I believe. Do you know any spots where he is filming since your sister is driving the stars?

        I would appreciate it,


      • What would you say is odd? You don’t know the film business. Not odd at all. They change locations from day to day. Your sister must be new and one of the 3 female drivers that we have – who signed a contract not to disclose locations.

        • The locals here in Gastonia love this show. Please tell your bosses! I have been trying to locate or figure out where the Sherrif’s office is located. I cannot find a building with a Used Autos sign painted on the wall. Do you you or anyone out there know where it is? I would love to take a picture.

          • I don’t know about the car dealership , but the location for “Hitler’s Bunker” in episode 4 is the old apartment building on the corner of S. Marietta and W. 2nd Ave in Gastonia. The outside location is the back side of the apartment building. I work for a utility company and had to go there the day they were shooting to take some cables down that were in the way.

          • The police department and train station are on North Broad Street in Mooresville. The crew has been working on the Banshee Police Department last week and this week.

            Several of the other areas such as where the Rabbit had the kid in episode 10, as well as other pieces and parts unrelated to that are filmed at the old furniture manufacturing location (now the Merinos Home Furnishing Warehouse property) on South Main Street in Mooresville. If you go around to the side and back of the property you’ll see several places that you’ll recognize.

            The Forge is actually located on Highway 115 just north of W.T. Harris Boulevard outside of Charlotte and is the Davis General Merchandise store.

              • Not sure Christine…I know last week there were 2 Banshee patrol cars beside the Cadi lot and then the next day there were gone. One day last week (can’t remember when) Mooresville PD had the road on that side of the tracks where the Cadi is blocked off. We noticed that last year when they were filming you’d see them there one day, they’d be gone a few and then be back again. The easiest way we’ve been able to figure out if they are filming in Mooresville is alot of the trailers, equipment trucks and catering set up over at the abandoned end of the Merinos Home Furnishing Warehouse property.

                If they aren’t filming you can certainly walk right up to the building a pose in front of the building. The Cadi sign, the faded paint facade and the “Banshee Sheriff’s Office” logo on the door are all there in plain sight.

                I also forgot to mention earlier that the bar Hood first goes to after he gets out of prison and walks the train tracks in episode 1 and has “relations” with the waitress in the back is The Bathtub Gin bar on North Main Street in Mooresville. The irony…not sure where the prison is actually supposed to be but The Bathtub Gin bar is only one street over from where the Banshee Sheriff’s office is. 🙂

  2. Right, not exclusively in Charlotte. The location in Charlotte is being readied for shooting at the end of the month so if they arent filming there they have spent a lot of time and money for nothing. I know the owner of the property. The other sites that have been given by the reps. were a old court room in Monroe, as well as a:”jail house” site, and possibly shots of main street Lincolnton, and Mooresville but they may have foregone Lincolnton altogether.

    • Good to have them bringing business in all over though. Excited to see all the locations, and hope it sticks around a couple of seasons to make a substantial impact.

  3. Just to clarify – I didn’t say it would be filming only in Charlotte , I do acknowledge they will be filming in and around Charlotte, which was the best info available at the time this article was written…

  4. They are filming in and around Charlotte – they have a stage in Charlotte and filming at locations in Monroe, Mooresville, Denver, Waxhaw and Lincolnton. Filmed in Monroe and Waxhaw yesterday and last night and in Mooresville today.

  5. They are filming in downtown monroe all week this week. I went down there yesterday it was very cool. they are filming at the courthouse and the streets surrounding main street.

  6. SSP is filming Banshee in Lincolnton right now. they are just down the road from my house. We there all night last night and setting up now for filming tonight

  7. I saw in the newspaper a couple months ago that they were filming on Main Street in Gastonia. Everyone forgets about Gastonia. It’s always about Charlotte. The little cities need some love too. :c

    • Hey Dan. Thanks! I have some pictures of Gastonia where some scenes were taken. I would love to post them here if that is possible. I will head to Mooresville this week for sure.

  8. FYI…television, movies, commercials, etc can be filmed in multiple locations SIMULTANEOUSLY…when there are enough differences in who is in what scene with who…they have multiple directors (assistant director, etc) and can be flexible…so if people think they’re filming in Mooresville AND in Charlotte, they could both be correct…no need to argue…and for the record, I have a relative that works on Banshee

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