More than a dozen new photos of Donnie Wahlberg with fans on the set of ‘Blue Bloods’!

We have so many wonderful readers who have met Donnie Wahlberg on the set of Blue Bloods, that when we asked our Twitter followers for a few photos with Donnie, they flooded our inbox and Twitter page with these amazing photos!

Donnie is so gracious with all of his fans, whether he is out filming on location or at the show’s studio in Brooklyn, he always takes time to pose for a photo or say hi!

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@Aimster1977 shared these photos taken last fall:

Dawn sent us these photos taken in Long Island City:

@GermanHMCRunner took these photos with Donnie in October 2010 and December 2011:

@gwenmdoylemom shared these pics from October (the top one is with her mom!):

@irishgirl75 took this pic with Donnie in October:

@joespopsicle shared this one:

Justine took this photo with Donnie last fall:

@MichelleMore74 took this photo with Donnie in October 2011:

Thanks to @Roxierea for this one:

And finally, this one was sent to us by @yikes77:

Thanks so much to everyone who share their pics with Donnie Wahlberg!

If you have any celeb photos you’d like to share, let us know at!

[Top photo taken with @DefenselessLuv in Sept]


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